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Argh! Now Daisy is crowing ... update he is gone :-(

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Oh that's a shame for you but good for him. Your not the first to be sold a pup, I've managed it 3 times now from different sellers (one a very reputable one). At the auction on Saturday there was what looked to be an awful lot of chaps masquerading as girlies. Please don't let it put you off.


The National Show in November (Stoneleigh) will have lots of lovely chickens etc to see and maybe purchase, they have to be 17 weeks to be sold so you'd be able to tell the sex and there'd be a lot of very experienced people to ask opinion of too.

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Sorry! It is anxiety-inducing to buy young chickens when you can't have roosters! I had the same thing happen to me when I bought my first two. I emphasized to the lady that I couldn't have roosters and needed two pullets. She sold me a hen and a young cockerel that she claimed was a POL pullet. She put off meeting me until almost dark and I think it was because she knew it was a cockerel and didn't want me to get a good look in case I knew my birds. I didn't at the time. When I finally figured it out, she wouldn't respond to emails or phone calls.


I bought two sexed Australorp chicks 4 weeks ago and I am anxiously watching them for signs of gender. So far they are looking pretty girly. :pray: If one of them turns out to be a boy, I'm giving up on breeds and sticking with hybrids even though they are more boring!

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I know it's safer to buy hybrids but I've had my heart set on pretty hens, especially the orp, so I'm going to persist...


we went to see a lady nearby this evening, and have agreed to go back tomorrow as it was starting to get to chicken bedtime and so they were disappearing before we got to them.


fingers crossed, she has both LF and bantam orps... and my daughter appears to have fallen in love with a pekin. :roll:

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