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Goosey Lucy

Autumn Crafty Swap

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Sorry to be sooooo slow :oops: but photo bucket and I are having issues. Hopefully Goosey Lucy will post my pic for me. It is a lovely piece of glass with autumnal leaves and toadstools inside. Gorgeous- just need to work out how to display it to best advantage, so I am going to talk to my friendly framer! Many thanks whoever you are you are VERY clever! xx

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Thank you to my Autumn Bunny - my postie just came walking up my track with a parcel under his arm!

I squished, sniffed & shook & it smelt beautifully of lavender. Ripped it carefully open & I have a lovely wooden beaded choker necklace & earrings, which I love as they are very natural in colour & the earrings are dangly ones. I always wear danglies! Then I realised what the lavender smell was...I have the most lovely rectangular cushion with felt Autumn leaves on & embroidery. It bears the words " Falling leaves are the flowers of Autumn" & the year 2013. Such lovely words & so much time has gone into making my gifts ..I can tell!

Thank you Autumn bunny - your prezzie means a lot!

I will put pics up later, when I have more time to mess with the dreaded photobucket.


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It's good to see the comments as well even if we say the same thing.........I agree they are beautiful what a fabulous swap.


I came home and found a big box with PLUM written on it in 10" high letters :lol: How exciting, in it was fabulous gifts, home made cherry jam, grape jam with home made leaf labels and crocheted lids, a chicken on top of an egg cosy and chocolate.


With it was a card with cloud gazing hares. Not what my swappee has been doing to get all that done! :D


Thank you so much Autumn swapper and thank you our lovely Goosey Lucy for organising us so well :D:D:D:D



Now to fight photobucket into submission :roll:

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