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will my pure breeds lay this winter or next year now?

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Hi i have had my 3 girls for about a month now, i bought them as pol all between 18 and 22 weeks old. The hybrid goldline started laying within 9 days, and from what i have read will continue to lay all year.


I also got a rhode island red, and a speckled sussex. the speckled sussex comb is getting bigger and slightly redder, but the RIR's comb is still very small and pale, although the rest of her is filling out nicely!


Are they likely to come into lay soon or do you think they will now wait until next year?

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the speckled Sussex might but to be honest if they haven't laid by the end of October then I wouldn't expect them to lay until after Christmas at the earliest once the days start to lengthen. I've got a 21 week old Barnvelder pullet the I don't think will lay this year one day her head gear is reddening up the next it's pink again yet I've got a 15 week old naked neck cross that 's getting redder in the head that might lay just after Christmas

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I have had my girls (Also POL 18-20 weeks) about the same amount of time as you! My blubelle, Hettie started laying within about 8 days :clap: (First egg was a double yolker - very exciting). It took my Maran Cuivree, Courgettie quite a while longer. (We found her first egg in her run :lol: ). We think she started laying later because, from our understanding, she is quite a bit younger, because her comb isn't as big as Hettie’s and she hasn't filled out as much etc. Also each chicken does vary. I should imagine you will get eggs more or less all year round from your Rhode Island Red, because they are quite prolific layers !egg! . I couldn't say about a speckled Sussex, but I would imagine, that you will get eggs from both before next year! But I hope you do get eggs soon, as you will probably know all ready it is very exciting getting your chickens first eggs! - Especially if it’s a double yolker! :D!eggdarkbrown!!eggspeck!!eggblue!

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