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Annabel The Homecoming

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Firstly my apologies to all those lovely Omleteers who enquired after Annabel, but I didn't return to them. By the time her puppy was 4wks old she would only tolerate myself, Simon, Hazie and YS around. ES literally had to creep around the house for fear of upsetting her and pity any stranger who came to the door. We spoke to behaviourists who said this would pass but might take weeks or even months. So, with heavy heart we took her back to the former owner /breeder whilst Annabel brought up the puppy, and our nerves recovered. We kept in touch and visited from time to time, although I found it so hard seeing our Annabel back in a stable.


However her time came and yesterday she came back home for good :dance::dance: We are so happy to have her back and she is clearly delighted to be with us again. She reclaimed her armchair immediately, made friends with Daisy again and tucked herself behind Simon's heels on her first walk. At night she sleeps with Old Sparx on the sofa, almost as if she had never been away. :D Knowing how much we like photos, here are a couple




Annabel and puppy




Annabel and Daisy




from stable dog to couch potato


And puppy?? Breeder is happy for us to have him for a token but we're not sure. Just happy just now that the old Annabel is back. Now to work on house training all over again :roll:

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