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Broody 3 year old ?

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My oldest hen has been acting rather strange. She's never been broody before, I put this down to her being a Hybrid. She's been puffing herself up a lot. She free ranged yesterdaray, her run was open. She spent a lot of time on the step outside my French doors. As soon as I put them away last night, she went into our wooden rabbit hutch/nesting box. I don't know if she stayed in there all night. When I got up this morning she was in there again. I tried to coax her out with some treats, but she wouldn't budge. Any ideas. We have no worms. :(GNR. Thought I didn't have red mite!!

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she sounds like she's at least thinking about been broody I've got 2 at the moment that think they want to be moms both puff themselves up when anyone chicken or human goes near one spits and swears at you the other just grumbles spent all yesterday sitting on fresh air

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