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Hen not using legs

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I have a chicken who never good on her legs as a chick, she was ok when she grew up and started laying - a few days ago she started limping. No visible signs of any leg injury, no pain, no inflammation - I have isolated her in her own eglu. She has now sitting eating and eating fine at one end of the run and hobbles up the bed at night and I get her out and put her need the food and water in the morning.


She seems absolutely fine in herself any ideas? If no improvement she will be at the vets, but just wondered if anyone else and come across this before.



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I had a pied Sussex develop something like this last year; despite numerous visits to the vets, different antibiotics and other treatments she gradually got worse and worse and we did lose her. Even with a PM we didn't get to the bottom of it.


I hope your girl doesn't have the same thing and that someone can suggest something to help her.

Such a worry these chickens sometimes :( .

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