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How long does a Hotel Chocolat gift card last ?

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My son got given a huge box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates last year.

We took them back on his behalf because he went on a gap year to Australia and didn't like any of the chocolates inside.

They gave us a gift card for the value of the chocs - £22 - and I'm pretty certain the lady told us it must be used within 2 years. This was good because obviously my son didn't get back until Sept this year.

He has looked at the receipt and he says the gift card must be used in 12 months which are now up.


How long do gift cards last ?

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I would go in and ask them. I have just had a look at their website but I can't find anything on there. I remember HMVs gift cards had 12 months on them, but if you went back into the store just to check the balance it continued on for another 12 months, so never really had an expiry date as such. I do hate gift cards though with their expiry dates. The shop has had the money so they shouldn't really run out. Plus, I never can remember how much are on them :roll: Hope they are in your favour on this.

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Thank you both :D


To complicate matters, our Son was only back in the UK for a week before heading off to uni in Portsmouth - where there is no Hotel Choc :roll:

So I now need to get the card off him and head to either Basingstoke (near me) or Chichester (nearish my Mum).


Fingers crossed.

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Florida made a law that gift cards sold here cannot expire! That's great because it used to be such a headache trying to keep up with when they had to be used! I'm sure stores saw gift cards as an opportunity to get free money, counting on some people to forget until it's too late! Now the only problem is making sure a business doesn't close or sell out to another company before you use the card!

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