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I think its a rat alert help please

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I have discovered what look like droppings under the chicken coop. They cant be the hens so what is it? I hope its not a rat as I have never seen one both by day and night but I cant be sure. Can somebody advise me what they might be and if it possibly is a rat then what steps can I take to get rid of it/them?



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Because of my neighbour having a nest under her decking I with her help have just got rid of these unwanted visitors.

I had a visit from at least one every day but never saw any droppings.I was concerned because I did not want any neighbours to think that my chickens were the cause.

I don't know what the droppings are like but believe they are sausage like in shape .

The last straw was when I saw one in the WIR and my girls took no notice :shock:

After a couple of weeks I rang my local council and made arrangements with my neighbour for them to come to both of us and lay traps .They were brilliant and laid 2 trap boxes down for 3 weeks out of the way of the chickens and similar under my neighbours decking .

When he came to check they had eaten the stuff in the traps under my neighbours decking but nothing in mine.The rats are gone and fingers crossed not seen lately . He also said that if you use rat poison from a shop you need a lot of it ,it is not enough just to sprinkle it.

The rat man said that chickens do not attract rats any more than people putting out bird food or food for hedgehogs ,so don't think it is the chickens but don't leave food out at night .

He also said for us to lower our coup or block underneath it as like decking or under sheds it is a favourite place for rats to go .

Don't be afraid if you do have rats to contact your local council our council like most is free of charge and they are the experts. Don't leave it till it gets out of hand and you have a family of free loaders eating your girls breakfast .

Good luck and hope that you have not got them .


Jackie x

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They are definitely bigger than sesame seeds. They are about the same size as guinea pig droppings but obviously its not a guinea pig if anybody is familiar with their droppings

As a former owner of fancy rats and guinea pigs I would say you probably do have rats visiting you - sorry. :(

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yes it sounds like rats - a problem I've had a couple of times


Personally, I would not want to use poison because I have cats and there are owls here and I would be devastated if something I did caused another creature to be poisoned.


What I've done is put a lot of covered rat traps around strategic points. Ones like this:



(you can get them cheaper than this)


I bait them with chocolate and have periodically caught some rats - the problem seems to come and go.


I do now (almost) always bring the hens' food in at night which seemed to attract them in the first place;

after that 'group' went some more rats seemed to be living under a shed and making forays into the garden


I live in the country and have a rather overgrown/wildlife friendly garden, which has the unfortunate side effect of being somewhere that rats will come back to occasionally

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Eeeks I had mice in the run in the summer, I thought the girls would attack it but they just looked at it climbing all over their grubs all kind of nonchalant...I was horrified, we spent one bank holiday weekend putting slabs around the side if the fence they were getting in and chicken wiring every teeny tiny gap....look ages and I had sore hands and fingers for a week or so after but have not seen any signs of predation since :dance: dirty little freeloaders....get a job...

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I had them last year, and they were breeding. I've got a humane trap, but that only catches one at a time. Not all councils do free pest control unfortunately. I ended up buying a special locking box. I filled it with poison and peanut butter then placed it where my dogs couldn't reach it. My understanding of this poison is that they eat it and go straight back to their nest. Do remove all chicken feed at dusk :shock:

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