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Nest box pull out liner for Cube ...

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I previously asked what people lined their cube with, having just got mine, after 5 years with an Eglu Classic...and discovered my new girls, knocked lots of wood shaving onto the floor through the large hole.


Now I wonder if anyone has a full size liner for the nest.....why doesn't Omlet make one, a full sized liner, which you can pull out to empty easily.......it would be so ideal...


(cube pink)(green eglu)



So I am asking what you use, as it's driving me to distraction in rubber gloves

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Thanks for the ideas, but I'm still on the quest for a liner, that will fit and is easy to pull out with all the dirty bedding intact, for cleaning.


....If you ever see an odd woman in a shop measuring, plastic boxes and peg holders etc...it could be me !! Lol


Will try some kind of plastic sheeting in the meantime.....thanks all

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I've been looking for something for my Go also! They are good at kicking out all the material so the egg lands on plastic where it can get cracked or coated with poop. There seem to be two options for sale, Kuhl nest pads or this pressed coconut fiber-looking stuff. The problem is that you have to order them in large quantities or pay 3-4X in shipping what the pad costs! The Kuhl pad looks almost like a cheap door mat so I might try just cutting up one of those if I can't find an affordable solution.

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