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Any craftyideas??

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Over the last few years I've noticed an increasing number of t-shirts/jersey tops have developed a number of small holes at the front. A lady at work said she'd had the same problem and it was due to t-shirts rubbing on the metal button of jeans, especially when working at the work bench in the kitchen. The answer is to tuck your top into your jeans or wear an apron.


Despite such measures I am disappointed to say two brand new pretty White Stuff tops developed holes in them after two wears :( ( I have noticed the fabric is much thinner than usual).


It seems such a shame to throw them out. Anyone have any creative/crafty ideas how to repair/disguise holes in t-shirts making them wearable again??

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Dependant on where the hole is? You could embroider a motif on hole. Or put a pretty patch on it. Like they do on designer clothes. (My son often has a t shirt or jumper with seams/labels on outside) :lol::lol: often tell him he has it on inside out :lol::lol: or get some fabric and sew a band all the way round. :D or do what they did on 'sewing bee' a sort of colarge. :D

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