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Happy, Happy News! *OMG! Parcel!*

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To cut a very long story short...


We are adopting a little baby boy!! :D:D:D

He's an utterly gorgeous 6 month old little chap and he's coming to live with us this Saturday ! :dance:


We've spent the past few months travelling hundreds of miles to visit him every week and getting to know each other. We finally heard about 3 weeks ago that we'd been awarded Guardianship of him until the final Adoption Hearing next April. :D


He's been with his foster carer to visit us here for a couple of visits so it won't be too strange for him but he's obviously going to be a little unsettled for a while. We are busy preparing for his arrival- there's still loads to do but his nursery is almost finished. Parcels are arriving every day and the house is slowly filling up with baby stuff- blimey, they need a lot of stuff don't they? :shock::lol:

We are so unbelievably excited and happy. We never thought that we'd have the chance to become parents... It just goes to show that you never know what's around the corner. Never give up on your dreams!


All advice will be very gratefully received. We are complete baby novices. There might be a few panicky posts over the next few months requiring urgent words of wisdom! :anxious::lol:


So, so happy!!!

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Such wonderful news, I was adopted by my lovely mum and dad ( no longer with me ) 54 years ago.

Always used to upset my brothers and sister by saying..Mummy had to have you but she chose me, used to drive them mad :lol::lol:

Enjoy every moment as they grow so quickly, cant wait to hear all the news.

Sorry now having a little sob. x

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Huge congratulations!


Our DS is 6 months old this week, its a lovely age - they are so interested in everything around them!


My only tip, get out to all the play groups in your local area - visit several till you find one you like. It's a great way to make new friends and share any issues etc. Even unsociable me has made new friends and really benefitted from others experience.


Oh, and I would say don't buy too much, they really don't need a lot, but if you saw my house you would know that that would be the pot calling the kettle black!!


Congratulations again! Roll on Saturday...

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Thank you everyone for all your lovely words :D


So nice to hear lots of happy adoption stories!


I don't know about getting lots of sleep before he comes... just finished a long days decorating and more of the same tomorrow. A builder arrived a week ago to replace a small piece of skirting board and ended up hacking all the plaster off our living room wall :shock: We've got stuff everywhere it shouldn't be! Should get it all done in time but it'll be cutting it fine. Assembling the cot bed tomorrow, and making a blind, so at least the nursery will be ready!


Off out on Friday night for a final fling to see Wilko Johnson :D Probably not wise- should be having an early night!


I keep pinching myself... it still feels a little unreal!

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