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Happy, Happy News! *OMG! Parcel!*

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Oooohhh... one more sleep to go! :anxious::D


We are at the other side of your story,we have a little one now 13months just waiting to be matched with her forever family and while it will be so sad when she leaves it is so rewarding to see her new parents and it makes fostering so worthwhile.

What an amazing job you do. It must be so tough to see them go, but wonderful and rewarding to be able to make such a difference :clap:

Our little man's foster carer is an absolute star and has become a good friend to us. Once enough time has passed to avoid confusing him, I'm hoping that we'll keep in touch. She's looked after him since he was 6 weeks old so it will be a big wrench for her. Big bouquet of flowers heading her way on Monday.

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That is such wonderful uplifting news. Congratulations. You are so lucky, 6 months old is such a wonderful age and i am envious of the wonderful amazing things you will experience as your little man grows. Cherish every moment as they grow up so fast.


I shed a tear too, my 17yr old son has been on holiday with his girlfriends family for the last week and i am missing him so much. Our house is so quiet without him, even though the other two are still here! I will be a jibbering wreck when the oldest 2 go to uni in 2 yrs.

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Congratulations, lovely news :D


My best friend from my school days, has two adopted children, her first was four months old when he went to live with them, and her second was four years old and came from a very tough start. She has done so well with them both, but has used all of the support that she can from both social workers and post adoption charities. She found the transition from full time worker to full time mother quite tough at first, getting out there with other parents is important.


Have fun and keep us posted :D

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