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Happy, Happy News! *OMG! Parcel!*

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Need a bit of advice- probably a very stupid question! :oops:


We were gifted a baby sleeping bag when the little man arrived but someone suggested that I buy him a warmer one for the colder weather. We live in an old cottage and have a solid fuel rayburn and an open fire that heat the house. Worried that his room might get too nippy, we've put a plug in radiator in there, and bought a thermostat so that it kicks in when the temperature dips and conversely, so that it doesn't get too warm.


I've bought him a 3.5tog 'Growbag' from Mothercare but read on the packaging that it should only be used when the temperature is between 12- 15 deg and not to combine with a blanket in case baby gets too hot.

We've lowered the radiator thermostat in his room so that it won't go above 15 deg and he seemed to have a good night but I'm worried that his hands felt very cold. He's wearing a long sleeved baby grow at night time but his hands are obviously exposed.


I've bought 2 of these 3.5tog Growbags and I'm wondering if I should have stuck to a lighter weight one and combined with a blanket?


Help! What should I do? :wall::? This baby lark is all very confusing!

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Don't worry about his hands being cold,they don't have any fat to keep warm,also if you were snuggly warm in bed and you're hands we're out of the duvet they would be cold too.Put your hand on the chest area if that's warm so is he.I don't put radiator on in bedrooms I personally would be more concerned with overheating,My little one has babygro,all in one fleecy suit and light weight gro bag and just her sucky blanket which she puts over her face!

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