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On 1/15/2020 at 12:46 PM, Lewis said:

I paid £27 for slightly restricted view tickets (only ones left), expensive but then people pay 5 times that for some concerts!

and more for football matches too!

I've got tickets at the front of the circle for £20 for 2 different plays this year. In comparison to that "from £25" seems a little expensive, but I guess it's not really. We've got 4 excellent theatres in Liverpool. I'd rather go to the theatre than a football match! I have paid circa £60 for concert tickets! 

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How nice of them! 

Earlier today, at work, I was drinking a cup of coffee and for some reason my lips wouldn't seal around the cup properly and most of it ended up on me. Not thinking too much of it, I continued my shift and went home. When I was home, I noticed that my voice sounded different and I was slurring somewhat. I looked in the mirror and I couldn't smile, and my left side of my mouth was paralysed. Worried (thinking I was having a stroke or something) I rang 111, who asked me several questions and then said they were going to send an ambulance! Quite shocked by this, I said I can make my own way to hospital (it is a 15 minute drive away). 111 said that I was to make my way to hospital immediately , and not to drive and if my symptoms got worse to call back straight away. Luckily my dad was home and he drove me to the local A&E. Explained my symptoms to the receptionist and sat down to wait. Unbeknownst to me, I am put straight to the front of the queue! Quickly seen by the triage nurse who promptly referred me to a doctor. Doctor did various tests and said (thankfully) I'm not having a stroke and instead I am suffering from Bell's palsy and it should hopefully clear up with a strong dose of steroids within a few weeks, but it could potentially last for 3 months!

Not quite the Friday evening I had in mind! 😂

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Golly F, what a shock for you (and your dad) good though that you managed to remain calm and get immediate treatment. I hope that you get better soon and are able to get back to the job that you love.

Lewis, that is a lovely gift, and you gave the dog and her family the most dignified situation in which to say their goodbyes. I know how much it means - my last lurcher was PTS at home, where she was surrounded by love and sossidges.

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Hope Alis is feeling better.

Lovely client but sad circumstances - you left an impression Lewis! 

Geoid - I well remember my dad having the same thing.  He was to be seen dabbing his hankie a lot.  We made him laugh which made dribbling worse!  Scary when you see it though.  He then added shingles to his session, but it is strange noticing the change when the dribbles are no longer dabbed, smiles turn up at the corners equally and whoosh (well slow whoosh, more gentle breeze whoosh) you are back to normal again.  Such a relief to know it is not a stroke though, so fingers crossed that it isn't a 3 month session.

I had a lady walking up the field asking if I minded her walking over - no worries - I said ooh you caught me mucking the ducks out!  Turns out she is our elderly neighbour's daughter (or one of them and she announced that she was the eldest of 3) and is over from Canada.  I initially thought oh dear - hope it isn't bad news!  But it wasn't, it was to apologise for not popping round sooner!  Dafties!  So we had a nice chat!  Considering the previous occupant lived here 10 years and didn't know anyone, not only do we see our neighbours, but their families pop over too!  This is such a nice place to live!  LOL!

And our daughter is getting married in November!  I need to get my Nordic poles out and get that botty two sizes smaller!

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Gah! Geoid...hope all is improving! The Human body is amazing but such a mystery! Keep smiling - its good for the muscles!

Lewis, I've had a number of hamsters PTS for various reasons and there is one vet who stands out in my mind who was totally amazing and sympathetic! All kudos to you!



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