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19 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

You been on the sherbets Kezza? 🤣

I'll have what she's having!!!!!!!

2 hours ago, Daphne said:

OH is in the middle of making hot cross buns.  Hooray!

We usually make but have a sever case of inertia this year - I haven't even made a simnel cake. Although, in my defence, I did read that Mary Berry says that she buys her hot cross buns!!!!! Vive La Bezza!


That's my excuse!

3 minutes ago, soapdragon said:

I'll have what she's having!!!!!!!

We usually make but have a severe case of inertia this year - I haven't even made a simnel cake. Although, in my defence, I did read that Mary Berry says that she buys her hot cross buns!!!!! Vive La Bezza!


That's my excuse!


EEk, not sure what happened above...............tho' still not making the darned things!

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My ES who lives in a flat near Kings X with g/f and 2 others went to Regents park yesterday to walk round. They were disgusted to see the place heaving with groups drinking and not  social distancing. They came home. Theses selfish pigs disgust me , especially as an NHS worker. People in NHS are dying and they party. They should bring army in and penalise them. So cross. Sorry for rant. 

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Not online much any more as I struggle to see the text on my phone.  Hope you are all safe and well and having a Good Easter despite the lockdown.  

Thought I’d show you the latest member of our flock - a rescue beagle called Amber who loves the chickens.  The rescue thinks she was used for breeding on a puppy farm before being found in a main road.   After lockdown she will be joined by another beagle with a similar history.  Here to enjoy their retirement in style 


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The good thing about this country is that things are legal unless otherwise stated by law which I like and don't want that to change. Trouble is that in this situation you have to rely on the public to respect instructions and each other which clearly many find themselves unable to do. My only consolation is that everyone who is doing the very best they can will be able to hold their heads up high when we're thanked for staying home. The rest of them will always have the shame of knowing that when their country called they spectacularly failed. That shame will always stick in their minds even if they deny it. 

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Not our PM, but thank Dog for one leader who is a HUMAN!

Shame that she can't be ours.

Shared by a friend:  written by Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Rest now, e Papatūānuku (Mother Earth)
Breathe easy and settle

Right here where you are

We’ll not move upon you

For awhile

We’ll stop, we’ll cease

We’ll slow down and stay home

Draw each other close and be kind

Kinder than we’ve ever been.

I wish we could say we were doing it for you

as much as ourselves

But hei aha

We’re doing it anyway

It’s right. It’s time.

Time to return

Time to remember

Time to listen and forgive

Time to withhold judgment

Time to cry

Time to think

About others

Remove our shoes

Press hands to soil

Sift grains between fingers

Gentle palms

Time to plant

Time to wait

Time to notice

To whom we belong

For now it’s just you

And the wind

And the forests and the oceans and the sky full of rain

Finally, it’s raining!

Ka turuturu te wai kamo o Rangi ki runga i a koe

Embrace it

This sacrifice of solitude we have carved out for you

He iti noaiho - a small offering

People always said it wasn’t possible

To ground flights and stay home and stop our habits of consumption

But it was

It always was.

We were just afraid of how much it was going to hurt

- and it IS hurting and it will hurt and continue to hurt

But not as much as you have been hurt.

So be still now

Wrap your hills around our absence

Loosen the concrete belt cinched tight at your waist




Heal -

And we will do the same.


Edited to add: thank you for the amazing response to this poem! I never expected it to travel so far and wide. Many people have asked who the author is so I wanted to clarify that I wrote this poem on the train home after the announcement of total lockdown was made here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I felt like I could hear Papatūānuku exhaling in relief as we all began our journeys home. In truth, one month of lockdown is not enough. Even six months would not be enough! We need a total and sustained change of habit, globally and within our own communities. I hope so much we take our time to reflect on the fact that if we can do it to save ourselves for a month, we ought to be able to make similar habit changes for Mother Earth for the long term. The most telling thing for me was how empty our veggie plant aisles were after lockdown was announced - in a crisis, we will turn back to our mother to provide (and of course she will!).

Lots of people have asked for translations...

Papatūānuku - Mother Earth (the addition of the “e” in front signals the words are addressed or spoken directly to her.)

Ka turuturu te wai kamo o Rangi ki runga i a koe - means something like, “tears from the eyes of Ranginui drip down on you” (Ranginui is our sky father, it is common to refer to rain as the tears of Rangi for his beloved, from whom he was separated at the beginning of time in order that there could be light in the world). Not long after the announcement we were moving to level 3, it poured with rain in Porirua after many months of hot and dry weather. I could feel my garden rejoicing.

Hei aha - This can be translated in many ways, but I meant it like the English “oh well, whatever”

He iti noaiho - “something small”. Because our sacrifice feels enormous but in reality I think it is not sufficient to truly see Papatūānuku recover. However, in Māori, we often talk about the significance of small actions or gestures. We say “ahakoa he iti, he pounamu.” Although it is small, it is a treasure.

Thank you so much for the support 🙌

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5 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

AND She went on TV to assure children that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are essential workers so could still travel. She’s the new Barrack in my opinion 

I like her - what I have seen of her so far is impressive, and she just keeps her head down and gets on with it - no showboating. The total antithesis of Trump

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Here's a lovely piccie or two, that were just happy happenstance... I'd been out collecting eggs, popped them on the draining board - by this jar of water - while I popped upstairs. When I came down, the sun was out and this was the lovely scene; I just love the light refraction through the jar and onto the eggs.



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OH made a sourdough loaf!  Wonder of wonders.  And it’s very tasty.  Not sure how long this enthusiasm will last though.   I’ve now got out my Herman friendship cake recipe.  It seems to require someone to gift you the starter to set you off.  I’m assuming though that if I mix the feeder recipe it will work?   Mind you, I remember having to stop making it because I had no friends left to hand it on to!  Even harder in isolation... 

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I used to get a rose to stick on my shirt when I was working.  People asked if I was going/had been to a wedding.  Nope - it is the patron Saint of England and should blooming well be a public holiday!  No doubt football supporters will be shouting Ingerrrrrrrrlaaaaaaaand and just to show what flag it is, the red cross of St George is emblazoned with graffiti which annoys me to no end.  Not sure about fighting the dragon - I prefer to think of them as being friends.  Like a scaly pet that can start a nice fire on a cold day or a barbeque in the summer.  Win win!

Double celebration - not only do we have full planning permission for our barn . . . but today we heard that we also have full planning permission for our extension to the house!  Eventually - if covid isn't around for 3 years!

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