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**Thread of little facts & things**....3

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Time is ticking by far too quickly as it is...I only have to look in the mirror to see that :wall: The radio controlled wall clock was for ES so that he could get himself organised in time on school mornings; he says he forgets to look at it. Its huge :wall: He's still late :wall:


See! He needs at least another one! :lol::lol:


Ps: turn the wifi off in the morning... saves a lot of time! :wink:

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Urrgghh What a day.


Shelley (my mottled pekin) is really poorly. She's been not herself since Sat, her poo has been watery with small green bits. I started worming (flubenvet) on Wed but yesterday took her to the vet. As I expected the vet (who is a poultry savvy one) wasn't sure if a diagnosis but agreed with me that it looked most likely to be a digestive system infection and gave me denegard antibiotics. Today she still seems really poorly so I've given her some mealworms and a few sunflower hearts covered in nutridrops (I know that won't help with the worming but I just wanted to make sure she got some energy from something), but every time I check on her and she isn't dead I'm surprised. I really hope she pulls through but I'll be surprised if she does.


Then when I was out in my work van having just started this morning, someone drove into me in the lanes and I had to get recovered back to my base and wasted the entire day.


Then I got home to find the plumbers have half sorted out the dodgy radiator but left a leak in another radiator over the nearly white (stupid I know) carpet. After a trip to screw fix for a radiator key I've managed to stop it, but what a faff. And the plumbers say we need some of the pipes re-laid.


Totally fed up.

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They say things happen in 3's - hopefully you have had your three for quite some time to come :roll:


They certainly do.


We went on holiday in August and got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport on the M25 and a guy drove into the back of our car.

Whilst snorkelling on that holiday our DD got stung by a huge jelly fish and it got tangled around her arm leaving her with a big scar that is still there.

On the way back from the holiday we managed to get to Dubai to get on our next plane but as we trundled down the runway stuff was leaking from the wing. We got towed back by one of those truck things to be told they would get us another plane.

We got on the next plane ages later and sat on it for even longer only to be told there was something wrong with that plane too :shock:

I know technically that's 4 things :wink:


We got home eventually after spending 27 hours awake and trying to get home.


Fingers crossed for your girls Mullethunter x

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Have been searching for nice, reasonably tasteful Christmas wrapping paper for a few weeks now but can't find any that doesn't have foil on it somewhere, somehow. Given that this is, apparently, not recyclable I don't want wrapping paper with foil on.


So far have tried;


Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, M and S, Boots, Homebase, WH Smiths, Wilko, Superdrug, Next and the cheapie card shop in the John Allen Centre as well as the Londis shop in the village and our local Post Office.


Looks like I may have to resort to brown parcel paper and buy some festive stamps to make my own because actually there's nothing else to do at this time of year anyway, is there :roll: Any ideas anyone?

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I'm going to break ranks and say I'm bored with the whole thing already and I don't think that girl has got the faintest idea what she's got herself into.


And if you listen very carefully you will hear the sound of the Queen Mother turning in her grave - and most likely Princess Margaret and Queen Mary will be too!



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Personally, I think she, with her background and open attitude, will shake up the establishment and that's a good thing! Very sadly HM won't last forever and, whilst I think Charles has his heart in the right place, he's a bit of a stuffed shirt. I just hope the younger royals have the opportunity to lead their own lives before they have to take on too much responsibility.

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Back to wrapping paper we bought 2, 5m rolls from Lidl today they are brown paper based one red one green no metallic bits.


The cultural differences in wrapping paper! Who knew they existed? :lol:

All paper in the Netherlands is paper... we don't do foils or paper with foil layers.

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Good tip about Lidl, thanks. My mum used to save wrapping paper and reuse it the next year. (We were a huge family, and money was tight). As a result, I learned from an early age that presents should be opened carefully and the sellotape peeled away, and I still do that! :lol:

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