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"Junk mail" from Google (Physical not email!)

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Google knows everything about you....


I have NEVER added my full home address to any of my on-line accounts (google, Fb, Twitter).

On this forum, it just has Oadby Leicester - no street or house number - no post code.

Obviously, having ordered from Omlet, they do have my full home address - but this shouldn't be accessible to non-Omlet staff.


This was a physical PAPER letter sent to my home address.


Any ideas? H

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doh! I should read properly.... :oops:


I'm wondering about Omlet's T&Cs - many companies have a box which you need to tick to say that you don't want details passed to their 'well chosen partners' - either when you order or, most commonly, when you enter competitions.


I've both ordered from Omlet (albeit only fairly recently when they had free p&p - I would never pay their 'normal' p&p rates) and entered competitions, but haven't had this letter

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Its on Google headed paper, addressed to "Omlet Members "

Strangely, it doesn't have my name.


It starts 'Hello from Google...'

Some quotes

"People search on Google every day for businesses like Omlet Members..."

" We've prepared the enclosed brochure to show how AdWords Express can help grow your business..."

"To get you started, we're offering you £150 free Google ad credit..."



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Have you ever entered your home address details using your browser, when ordering online for instance?


Yes - I still find it odd that they didn't know my name but have a link to my home address and know I'm an Omlet member. Can't help but think the info must have come from Omlet somehow.


I have emailed Omlet to ask them if they have passed on details or if their database has been compromised in some way (more worrying since they have my credit card details) - I'll let you know when they reply.

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Had prompt reply from Omlet

We're as concerned about this as you are! We don't share your information with anyone, so your details have certainly not been passed to Google by us.


From the research we've done, we believe that Google are probably using the information they extract from your G-mail account and your google search behaviour to send these targeted letters. I would recommend contacting Google to confirm this.


Have tried to find a way of contacting Google about this, but failed.

Anyone know of an email address or feedback form I could use ?


I would like to get to the bottom of this as I can see no (legitimate) way they got my information.



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I remember that article; nothing new I'm afraid, I have a gmail account (only used as a log-in for Google/Android) and it is obvious that that is what they are doing. If you type an email regarding (say) a new car, then adverts will appear down the side of the window about car-relate products such as insurance. It's not dissimilar to the way that supermarkets use their clubcard/loyalty cards and product barcodes to capture your spending habits and then send you vouchers and offers accordingly. In that instance it can be helpful and only slightly irritating, but the invasion of email communication is, in my opinion, overly invasive, which I why I choose not to use my gmail account.

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Thanks for address Fred - I'd tried that link already - it just takes you to some FAQs - none of which helped.


I know all sorts of sites gather data and then try to market things but this seems different.


They sent a physical paper 'letter' to my home address(only given when buying stuff - since also have to give credit card details I assumed this level of data was SECURE)


know an Omlet member lives here.


I do not see how they could have got this info.


Still puzzled (and concerned), H

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My SO's google phone regularly gives him directions to get 'home' to his exact address despite not putting his address into his phone or anything, and gave him directions to my flat just days after I signed the lease! (I think I might have sent him the address over facebook or text but that's the only way I can think they got it).


It's scary to think of how much they know :shock:


EDIT: to make this a little clearer, it gives him a little notification telling him the best bus etc. to get and when the next one leaves without any input from him.

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