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Card making eek!

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My son is getting married next year and has asked me to make the invitations. Help I've not done any card making.


Are you able to give me tips on weight of card, printing etc or an online resource or tutorial. There's a card making factory shop near me so I'm going to have a browse.


They would like ribbon on them and pocket inside for information bits. I think I can probably do it but I could make a mess. I have an embossing tool, that's a start :D

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Plum, one thing came to mind when reading your thread. A daughter of a friend of mine made her own invitations but forgot to think about the thickness of the finished card. I think she put some embellishments on the front. Anyway she was shocked to find out how much it was going to cost to post them as they wouldn't go through the slot in the post office gauge. Just something to think about when deciding on the style of card. Have fun making them :)

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Well I've got the tape and some card and ribbon to have a play. Lots to learn, I hope I can be neat.


http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=22070 this is the link to the colours Laura wants as a theme! Finding that colour card/paper is going to be a challenge.


To cut down on thickness, I'll try paper rather than card for colour trim but they want a pocket for info cards. On those cards I was wondering whether to colour the edge rather than mount on another bit of card. Anyone done that?

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From experience, get several people to proof-read any wording.


And then reread it.


Do not mail out the invitiations unless you are absolutely, 100% sure you haven't made a spelling mistake.


It makes everything very, very stressful.


The lady in the post office who hand sorted that days collection (1000s and 1000s of pieces of mail) and found all but one of 40 invitiations was an absolute star and completely renewed my faith in human nature.


Can you tell I speak from (bitter) experience?


And btw I didn't write the invitiations but did get it sorted. :lol:

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