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Christmas Crafty Swap 2013

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I have a box :D:D:D:D:D


Ive been given instructions to open the box and open certain pressies :D:D


I have the most amazing bead bells, one red and gold, one gold and red and a blue and white one (like an ice blue colour)


they are beautiful :D:D




Ive got more pressies to open on Christmas day :D:D:D




I love them :D:D


Ive taken photos, but Ive lost the lead for my camera, so i'm going to steal one from school on Monday and upload the images :D




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Hello all


Just a quick reminder that the last posting date is 18th December.


Could you please all let me know when you have posted your item (it is a good idea to obtain proof of postage)' and when you have received your parcel.


Anyone running into difficulties, please let me know ASAP so that the Craft Angels can step in and make sure that everyone receives something in time for Christmas.


Ta muchly!


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I've received a rather long parcel. It's almost the size of a badminton raquet! :shock: Had a sniff & a squish ( as you do ) I can't think of what could be so long apart from a bat! :think:

It's under my tree. Poppy cat has had a sniff at it - she's curious too.

I also think someone is trying to confuse me as has a totally different post mark to the postcode on the back! Not that I was trying to crack a code. :whistle:

Thank you to my Santa.


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DH has posted my parcel this morning and I received mine with permission to open before Xmas :D


I have a Xmas wreath that will replace my wreath, from the autumn swap, on the front door. Also, a christmassy-decorated candle, perfect to go in a foliage table centrepiece I was given by a friend. And, last but not least, a box of christmas cards and tags. All beautiful and useful and appropriate - I am so pleased with them. I will post pics later. My secret santa has put a lot of work in :clap: I showed DH and asked if he thought that my own creations looked a bit stingy in comparison. He hesitated - not a good sign!!! I do hope my recipient isn't disappointed :pray:


Thank you to my secret santa!!!

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I just got a parcel in the door just now at 3.30 pm - usually the post comes at midday.

My sender kindly wrote fragile all over the parcel but the stupid postman dropped it through the letterbox :twisted:

So I hope my parcel is ok.

Do I have to save it until Christmas Day ?

Should I just have a little peek to make sure it's not broken :wink:

I would be very cross if the postman has broken my chicken swap present.

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I think we ALL get a bit of post-dispatch anxiety about whether our gifts are going to match the quality of those we've received, but for me the thrill is in receiving something completely unexpected that someone else has put time and effort into, sometimes in a craft that I'm not familiar with. I'm not judging quality, it's just lovely to get a handmade gift. Also, when you've made something you are all too conscious of that missed stitch or puckered hem - someone else will see the whole item, not those things.


I've been delighted every time with my 'swaps' and I bet your swappees will be too. :D

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I must apologise to my Swapper - I received an intriguing-looking parcel more than a week ago, and assumed it was the foodie swap so I didn't acknowlege it on this thread. It now seems I was wrong, and this is my Crafty swap, it's just that my swapper is a very organised person and posted hers well before the last date! :lol:


Thank you, Secret Santa - I am very good and it's waiting under the tree for Christmas Day.

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