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Christmas Crafty Swap 2013

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Oh wow :D:D:D:D

I have just opened my first present. I promised myself the first one I would open would be my crafty swap present.

I have the most beautiful piece of glass with Christmas trees and stars in it. It is so pretty.

I need to find somewhere very special to hang it.

Thank you so much to my swappee - I love it.

Thank you, thank you , thank you :D

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Thank you :D:D:D:D


I got a cupcake pincushion and 6 little boxes of chocolates :D (that is on top of the 3 beady bells that I have on the tree :D


and .... a little baby nail clipper/scissor set :D:D


Thank you soo much to my santa.


and for chief elf egluntyne for organising this :D


Merry Christmas Everyone.




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Wow! My parcel contained three little bottles of blackberry vodka, damson vodka and crabapple brandy, all beautifully labelled; a slab of pan forte (I think that's what it's called?), some chocolates and the most beautiful little hot-water bottle in a cover with (very appropriate!) owls on!


Thank you so much - it's lovely :D The hottie is the perfect size for keeping hands warm when snuggling under the blankets in my rather chilly lounge, and the little bottles will warm from the inside out :whistle:


Another lovely Christmas swap - sorry this photo doesn't do it justice



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Thank you to my swappee. The camera has been out to take pics, but I won't upload them until tomorrow - as the computer is on its one day Xmas holiday. :D However, I have 3 Xmas tree decorations. One is a felt Xmas tree with the cutest coloured jingle bells on it. Then there is a cute crocheted Xmas stocking with a lollipop in. Finally there is a felt mouse with a candy cane tail. They are lovely & on the tree now. I also had the most gorgeous quilted table runner in beautiful mystical fabrics - with cats, stags & Xmas trees. We've had it on our dinner table today - it is stunning & was also admired by our neighbours. Thank you very very much!


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I received an amazing crocheted bowl in blue & white, filled with home made fire lighters, plus 2 crochet/glass tea light holders! Thank you so much to my swapee they must have taken so long! Very envious of your talent, I am desperate to learn crochet.....!


Will post pictures when back at home in a day or two.

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Here are the pictures!!


2 very cute tea lighter holders with glass inserts (patterned underneath) and two wonderful crocheted 'bowls'! The larger of which contains the home made fire lighters which are now on my shelf near the fire! I cannot thank you enough secret swapper and a huge thanks to Egluntyne to arranging the swap. :D

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