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Chortle Chook

Mixed breed DNA testing

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At £50 it is a bit expensive to do just for fun, but I can't help wondering :roll: It would not influence my love for my dog at all, but I suppose it is a little bit like wondering what your adopted child's parents were like :think: I think I hae a JR x working cocker spaniel but perhaps there is some collie in there. Nibbs just seems such a bright little chap.

Here he is


Then I also have a dog which is suppposed to be a smooth coated saluki but I wonder if there is some greyhound and perhaps some doby in there. Here he is


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From what I have heard, they are not terribly reliable. If you do decide to do one, then I'd be inclined to treat it as a bit of fun rather than a serious attempt to determine your dog's mix.


I agree; some lurcher folks I know tried them out a while ago and they were pretty wide of the mark. We all love to guess what's in their make-up but I think that educated guessing is usually more accurate. Try posting some photos in the chat section of Lurcher Link and see what their guesses are; you'll get a pretty accurate idea from that lot.

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I'll find out. My husband did some research and this company came up as recommended. They have a Facebook site and people post pictures of their dogs/ results. They will rerun the tests if you're not convinced. We got a report with the breed characteristics. We were told our dog was staffie x whippet when we got her from a rescue but her results came back .75 staffie and .25 mastiff. I have since spoken to her original owner who saw the parents who said dad was a short staffie and mum was a long legged staffie which must have been the mastiff cross. We thought she had some mastiff in her as her colouring wasn't staffie and she had droopy jaws. She's a wonderful dog. Love her to bits, does flyball, agility, retrieving, just had an audition got C4,s the Dogshow, a fantastic dog.

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