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Lawn fast deteriorating! Help

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For the past 7 years of having chickens in our garden, we've managed to keep our lawn looking good, despite them "freeranging" (inside their run is a different matter, no grass there anymore) Suddenly the chickens (we only have 2) have decided it's fun to dig up the grass now it's wet and easy to scuff.


Short of keeping them in their run for longer periods of time to save our lawn, what else can we do to prevent them scuffing up the grass? We're happy for them to dig around in the dirt, but not our lawn.

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I have used black netting from the garden centre pegged down with tent pegs in this garden and my last one. They still eat the grass (in fact I have only mown it a couple of times this year) but can't dig it up. It doesn't look great though tbh, although if I leave it down long enough the grass seems to mesh in with it and you can barely see it.

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