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Alis girls

Beat this!!

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I suspect that bringing mugs downstairs is really really difficult, a bit like opening curtains and switching lights off and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink even though dishwasher is under sink. :roll:


Glad its not just my kids! I thought i was alone in this domestic hell :roll:

The loading of the sink drives me nuts, is it really that difficult to open the dishwasher door? i would even prefer them to leave the stuff on the side instead of filling the sink up!

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I am the only person in the house able to locate the dishwasher. When any of the other occupants enter the kitchen, it employs some kind of cloaking device and becomes invisible... Hence the piles of dishes everywhere whilst said dishwasher is empty and they could go straight inside.


We also have the disgusting bedrooms, DS1 jokes about the black hole under his bed which pulls in every type of stuff for miles around. If something is missing, it will be found circling the black hole mixed with a hundred other kinds of fluff, muck, dead socks and general junk.


I don't tidy in there, I make them transfer dirty laundry to the basket and I return clean clothes... After that its up to them :anxious: DS2 is not fussy about clothes and willwear stuff with dinner down the front unless made to find clean, today I noticed he had a huge hole in his socks. At least it didn't show when he had his shoes on. :D

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My ED was so messy as a teenager. I used to iron her clothes and put them on her bed for her to put away but they always ended up on a heap on the floor. I stopped ironing them and just added them back onto the heap and everyone was happy :lol:


She is now 27 and is so very tidy and houseproud - we laugh at her teenage self.


My YD who was not too bad as a teenager is now a very untidy adult. I have to shut my eyes to it all when I visit her as I have the urge to just sweep everything off the surfaces and give it a good clean but she is an adult and can live the way she chooses.

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Wow I think this topic may have just solved the mystery of where all my Glasses, Mugs and Teaspoons maybe ... time to tackle ED's bedroom ............. mind you its soooooooooooo minging I am sure we have a few decaying tramps hidden underneath all the junk !!


If there is NO Omlet activity from me for months can someone try and locate my family and tell them I have ventured in to her pit and have got lost or trapped :lol:

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How in earth do you get them to put the dirty washing in the linen basket in the first place?


Madam has a small basket in her room, despite being only 6 paces from the bathroom where the main linen basket is... she still fails to put any dirty clothes in it; they just go into a holding pattern on her 'floordrobe'.



Not as often as I would like, and usually only by demanding they do it NOW or go to school naked in the coming week.


I think the threat of having detention for lack of kit or uniform at school is more effective than my motherly rantings.... DS1 keeps clean laundry on the end of his bed and sleeps in amongst it unless it is put away for him. I have learned to ignore it since he's mostly quite nice and doesn't often appear to be smelly or repellant to anyone! :silenced: I'm not about to make a rod for my back by doing it for him!

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