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Ms Marple

Does anyone know anything about partridge?

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I have just come home from school this evening with a partridge that has been in the school grounds for two days and our boys were getting very concerned and came to me because I keep chickens! It is clearly quite tame and currently in a box in my kitchen having munched some layers pellets. What do I do next? I think that they are largely ground birds like chickens. I don't know if it is male or female. I teach in an independent grammar school but in an inner city environment (Manchester). I am unaware of any local children's petting farms or similar nearby to us Would it be ok with my chickens? I am concerned about transferring 'something' to my flock. I have bantams as well as large girls so potentially it could be mixed in with the bantams at some point. Or I could rehome it to a partridge keeper. How do I start to find one?

Any advice or bright ideas will be gratefully accepted.

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Hello Chuckymama. Yes I could put it back, but it was in a part of the school between two buildings and totally closed off form the rest. No vegetation just a few sets and some waste bins, not out around on the fields. We are pretty inner city on our location too so I am really not sure. It seems ok at the moment but I am keeping it separate and obviously would rather I did the right thing. At home we back onto a canal and are quite rural so I could release it there during daylight.

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I have just been told that it is a Chukar partridge and that it is illegal to release it into the wild in the uk

If you contact a local wildlife rescue they may be able to release it for you as some hold a license to release certain species - like the grey squirrel. It is possible that it is part of someone's private collection :think:

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