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My chooks

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Forget about extensions to the run just go the whole hog and get a nice wood framed walk in run it looks like your garden could take it


Welcome :D I agree with doctors girls ..A WIR is a gods send and after getting my girls one of our better decisions..with a covered sloping roof of course.We used corregated plastic. :clap:

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So it's been a week, well 9 days and I have gone chicken mad.


They are laying, well I think they all are or it may just be 1 or 2 of them. We've had 7 good eggs and 1 softshell since we got them home.


I've replaced the front door to the run and added an additional support bar to make it even more sturdy.


Got covers for the complete run and under the cube and have added a little grit feeder and additional food pot (until the new Grub feeder arrives)


We have got a WIR/Cage for them that we need to setup once I've sorted the garden, and I am currently looking at an additional classic eglu - I think I've certainly got morehens!


Here are some pics! Thanks for everyone who has given me help and advice on here, love this forum and everyone is so helpful and nice!


...and yes, my grass is taking a battering!



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Ahhhhh your girls look lovely and very happy under cover at the moment.

This morehens is airborne I think:) and this forum is a godsend when you have a ??? have you found the preen gland yet? when I first saw it I was terrified, I thought it was a tick.....this forum saved the girls having an unfortunate episode with a pair of tweezers and a tick hook that day I can tell you :lol:

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good set up but my choice i would have put the whole run on slabs to stop foxes digging underneath also i gather the cable ties are holding the mesh on but what size is it will it keep the rodents out as for the roof get to wickes for some clear sheets of corrugated roofing and for the apex of the roof try using half round guttering on the top to keep the price down and you will then be able to remove the omlet run off the cube and the chooks will have more room in the run and your OH will say how much more are we going to spend on them bloody birds but what she does not know is bigger run need more chooks to fill it



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