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Christmas present for young teenage boy

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Oh wise Omleteeers, please help me with my annual Christmas dilemma. I posted a similar thread last year about a nephew of mine who has everything a young lad could want... And more! My eldest nephew is 13 and I am really struggling to buy him a Christmas present. He has every kind of gadget imaginable - iPhone, tablet, Xbox etc, but I am reluctant to buy him more 'gadgety' things. Last year I bought him some funky but reasonably inexpensive headphones, only to see him a couple of days later with mega expensive Bluetooth and wireless headphones! He doesn't read much (dyslexia) and board games or activities that require parental input are not an option (my brother and sister in law, I am ashamed to say, don't spend time reading or playing games with their children :( ) so anything I buy would need to be something he can enjoy by himself. Any ideas?! I do appreciate this is a difficult ask...!

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If you use itunes to store your music on your laptop, then yes an itunes voucher can be used to buy music and download it to your laptop. You can't use it for apps and game for the samsung though. Is it an android phone? You can get a Google Playstore voucher that can be used for android apps and games instead.

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1. A money box/safe that has an alarm. Or one that counts the money for you

2. Small remote control car or helicopter

3. Guinness book of records

4. A trendy cap. Nike, Adidas etc.

5. Game voucher

6. Magic tricks set

7. Trendy pants

8. Golf putting game


Just a few of the things that my sons have received and appreciated. :D

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