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Why do we TRIM trees?

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i am not joking - 2 friends say "ayup Al" when they see me. when i first met OH he thought i was from Manchester. Midland accent is diverse. I am from the borders of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and its been said our town has an accent of its own. Brum which is 30miles away is different again. Oh and "duckie" is a term of endearment which always sounds camp to me. :lol:

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Ah, Coalville (or 'Coville') was my second guess! I lived in the East Midlands for many years, and grew familiar with 'Ey up, me duck' addressed impartially to men or women, and by men or women. I learned many new words during my time there.

I don't think I ever asked about the local vernacular for hanging baubles on the Christmas tree though!

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And I had no idea Saronne and Leeloo that you were American ... your accent doesn't show when you're posting!

The internet is indeed a strange and wonderful place.


Um, thanks? :lol: I did read a lot of old English fiction growing up, like the Bronte sisters, Austen, and Dickens. Perhaps some of it rubbed off? :D I thought the number of times I've mentioned roosters on here was a dead giveaway!

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What amazes me is how such a tiny land mass supports so many different accents and regional variations. I love it. 8)


I agree! 8) I LOVE all the different accents and dialects - I heard an Orcadian on TV a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with his accent; as different to Glasgow/Edinburgh as chalk and cheese yet not too many miles ( :think: ) between!


I met up with BIL (who hails from just outside Edinburgh and now lives in Langley!) at Mum's 80th recently; he was there with sister and nephew - aged 4 - who had a nasty cold. BIL asked me if I had a hankie as the 'clarty wee imp had a snottery nose and it was putting him off his piece' - nephew need a nose blow as it was putting BIL off his sandwich - allegedly!


My Welsh friend always greets me with a 'cwtch' - spoken and literal (hug) and I have difficulty understanding OH's Devonian cousin until I 've been listening to him for 10 mins or so! Just brilliant! 8)

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