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Harry Potter Question

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We visited the Harry Potter thingy at Warner Bros studio yesterday as our big family Christmas present - this lead, as you might imagine, to much discussion about the stories. What none of us could remember was why Voldemort went to the Potter's cottage in Godric's Hollow in the first place and why he attacked James and Lily :think: .


Oh wise ones.......help please!!! Thanks! :oops:

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Can't claim to be wise just a Google cheat :oops: .


There was a prophecy that Riddle interpreted as meaning that Harry would kill him. He wanted to kill Harry and break the prophecy.


Snape eavesdropped on a job interview for Divination Professor between Sybill Trelawney and Albus Dumbledore at the Hog's Head Inn. In the course of the interview, Trelawney prophesied that at the end of July, a child would be born who would cause the destruction of Lord Voldemort (which impressed Dumbledore sufficiently to hire her). At that time it was not clear who was meant by the prophecy. Two children of prominent wizard families were born that year at the end of July, Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom. Dumbledore reported at the Wizengamot trial of Igor Karkaroff that Severus had come to him and explained that he had been the one to overhear the prophecy, and reported it to Voldemort. After that Voldemort decided to go after Harry.

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Cinnamon, it was good....lots to see and the big plus is that everything there has been in the films, nothing 'made' specially for the tour (or so they tell us!!!)


It was interesting to see the sets and some of the costumes but I hadn't realised that Hagrid was only played by Robbie Coltrane in the close up/dialogue scenes. Otherwise Hagrid 'was' a 6 ft 10' rugby player (whose name escapes me) with an animatronic head (which, granted, was spookily life like!)


The whole animatronic bit was fascinating but I didn't like Aragog!! Dobby has nastily lifelike toenails and Emma Watson's ball gown was absolutely tiny! Butter beer tastes foul (too sweet) but my favourite bits were Diagon Alley (a thrill to walk down it...luckily it was empty when we got there!) and Buckbeak who suddenly started moving!


Do go if you can, you do need to book in advance tho and its worth getting on the first tour of the day as you then don't have anyone else ahead of you so its likely to be quieter. Its really easy to find tho does involve the dreaded M25 (could go via Aylesbury? :think: )


The shop and café were ruinously expensive - I only bought a fridge magnet, wand pen and a book mark and it was £14.95! A small packet of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour beans retails at £8.95 and a chocolate frog nearly a fiver! We gave the café a miss and made it back in time to have lunch at our village pub for a similar amount!!


It was fun and enjoyable but I was not totally blown away by it (but then it does take a lot to impress me - just a hard bitten old bat!!!) That said, its a great morning/afternoon out for a treat/birthday etc! :dance:

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