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New Tony in The Archers

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Oh heck...

Found myself wondering who on earth a character was in last nights episode until I realised it was Tony :shock:

I've missed a few episodes over Christmas so I'm not quite up to speed. Came as a bit of a shock- how long has the new actor been playing him?


It's going to take some getting used to. The new Clarrie (even though technically she is the original Clarrie) still doesn't sound quite right to me and I've never bonded with the new Hayley... even though she was introduced years ago :notalk:

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It's David Troughton. Hs first episode was Monday this week.


We were totally confused about who the character was, then we guessed it was probably meant to be Tony. A quick Google explained all.


I do think the beeb should have made an announcement at the beginning of the programme.


Or they should have give Tony laringytis or something, to break us in gently. Or had lots of people calling him Tony during the episode, or something.


Hopefully his voice will be easier to get used to than the new/old Clarrie''s!

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Thanks for the linky Olly... at least the old Tony vaguely looked like how I'd imagined him!

As for the new one :notalk: He sounds too young. Tony always sounded a little life worn and weary.


I think they're trying to sneak the new actor in whilst the Helen/ Rob saga is going on. Maybe hoping that the storyline will smother any confusion.

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Oh , I thought there were two Tony's . I haven't listened much over Christmas as OH was home . I know I'm a greying blonde but didn't like to ask just in case it was just me that thought Tony had changed , I kept listening hard for the usual one, just thought age was catching up on me. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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And I haven't been listening for about 6 months but I did catch some of it over Xmas and NY and thought how weird it was that all this Helen/Rob business and Jack dying was going on without Tony being in it - now I know why :D


I think David Troughton is a good actor and hearing him this lunchtime on catch up, I liked the way he made his voice go up and down a lot try to mimic the speech patterns of the old Tony.


Still not sure about the storylines though - it has all been far too melodramatic (the party) and goodwill to all men (Darryl) because its Christmas for my liking.


Do we all believe that Rob really has told his wife? And if so, why hasn't the great revelation been broadcast, I would have thought it would have made excellent radio :D Or did I miss it :think:

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