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So I've been reading a lot of threads about types or run bed and have found people recommended and not recommending every type. I am of the opinion it's very much "what works for you"


what I haven't found out is what people put under the run base to help with drainage, or does everyone just stick woodchip/auboise/easibed/rubbercchippings straight on to mud?


Also, "Covered Run" is used a lot, but is this just the roof, or roof and all sides or roof and a little overlap?


I think if I would have to cover the sides as well to make it rain proof, especially with the amount of rain we have had recently.


I am currently going to put a cover across all of my run roof and leave the sides open. I will dig out the base to about 12", lay a weedproof sheet and put rubble on top, then have about 6" of woodchip on top. Then I can just leave it there and give it a regular rake. Any water will easily drain and there will be enough woodchip to rotate.

Due to work and other commitments poo picking or regular changing of run base isn't going to work. BioDri and stalosan will also help.


What do you all think?

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I have a concrete base with a slight slope for drainage, this is topped with heavy duty plastic which reaches about six inches up the the side of the run, this is then topped with caravan matting and then a deep layer of hardwood chippings. The run is covered with clear tarp all over in the winter with the sides rolled up in summer.

Even so with all this rain water has constantly dripped in places which has made the woodchip wet and the plastic bottom means it can't drain away so prob wetter than it would be normally, might have to rethink that one.

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everybody has different ideas and uses what is best for them i started out with half slabbed half wood chip but when i put a roof on the WIR i slabbed the whole floor and used rapport which you cant get now but any other horse bedding will do it is what suits you




this it on the floor and the built a table and the girls had more space





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I've got onduline roofing on my run but to be honest I'm thinking of redoing it in the clear corrugated sheets as it make the run quite dark and (my biggest bugbear) if it's frosty out, the inside of it gets wet and starts dripping....it stinks, I hate it, I often have to change my clothes and have a shower to get rid of the smell.

But I'd also say get some coverings for the sides, no point roofing it when the rain's falling sideways!! I just use the omlet clear run covers and a cheapo one I got off eBay. My base is slabs and aubiose, a great combo if kept dry I find, but I do poo pick regularly.

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