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1 buff Orp cockerel or 2? Can you tell...?

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I have 2 young buff orp chickens which I bought off a breeder last Sept. They are now around 37/38 weeks old. No eggs from them. I have long suspected that 1 may be a cockerel....well now I know! A slightly pathetic but definite crow both yesterday and today :(


I suspected it was a cockerel because it has large, very red head gear along with slightly curved tail feathers. The breeder will replace him, so not too worried. However, I'm concerned that the other may be a cockerel too! Its headgear isn't as large/red, but still a fair size. Its tail feathers also don't look curved and i thought its head looked smaller. BUT it's the same large size as the other, both have tall, chunky legs and of course it hasn't laid anything yet either. But the 2nd one hasn't crowed....yet! This is my first experience with Orps - they are beautiful, lovely birds, but so hard to sex!


I wonder if any of you can spot any tell tale signs from these photos:


Cockerel on the right here:



Cockerel tail feathers:




Other bird's tail feathers:



Cockerel at the front here:


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I was in two minds before I saw the close ups, the second one doesnt have a particularly male head or tail


...but I think they are both males because you can see the very fine side hangers emerging (the thin feathers that hang down from the small of the back before the tail) females simply dont develop these


Usually in any group of cockerels there will be one that matures faster than the others and becomes dominant. If you remove that one suddenly a proper male will spring up from the others! That would explain the different looks

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