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Concern about worming and using spot on

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HI guys.


Me again, as some of you probably remember my bantys had a reaction to ivomec spot on I treated them with last year. The reason for this was the receptionist at the vets gave me the wrong dosage so I ended up giving them far to much. All side effects have past but now im thinking I need to worm and treat again. Any advice would be much appreciated. My concern is that I don't want to risk the hens reacting worse to the ivomec if I decide to use it?


Thanks in advance guys.



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It is possible to overdose on Ivermectin; see my quote from Scott Shilala about it. Whilst it is great against lice and mites, it is only a mild wormer, so you shouldn't consider your birds wormed when you use it. This was on the advice of my poultry expert vet.


I always worm separately with Flubenvet, leaving a week between the two.


* Ivemectin based products aren't licensed for use on poultry in the UK.

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I hadn't realised that it took a toll on their systems either. I suppose these medications are some sort of poison that doesn't affect the large host organism quite as much as the small ones on/inside.


I think I'll postpone the next treatment until everyone has finished moulting.

After reading what's said here http://keeping-chickens.me.uk/what-to-keep-in-stock/flubenvet regarding temperatures that worm eggs can survive I will be considering the frequency of treatment too.

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It's rather like the child vaccines, which are all given together these days; it can overload the system, so I just prefer to play safe and leave a gap between meds.


Don't forget that it's important to treat the ground in your run when you are worming; sprinkle the litter with Ground Sanitising Powder, or better still, give it a good clear-out and sanitise the ground before adding the clean litter.

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