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If you could go anywhere....

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Thailand - best place I've been & the place I'd most want to go back to. But I'd want a direct flight. I don't think I'd be able to handle the stress of stopping in the Middle East & Bangkok these days. The Connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket Island is stressful. You don't have much time at Bangkok to make it to your gate & the airport is huuuuuuge! You have to be really good on your feet & literally leg it a bit.

Me & hubby discussed hols the other night & to be honest we are so very happy with our life, home & animals that we just don't want to go anywhere at the moment. We just like enjoying the local scenery, the nature, the local beaches in Summer & having nice meals out & treats. To us it's much nicer than spending an extortionate amount of money, plus spends to be herded like cattle & possibly delayed. To be served not enough food & drink, to sit next to someone who smells or falls asleep on you. Have someone recline their seat fully, so you are uncomfortable for hours & have restless legs. TO arrive & be bundled like sardines on a bendy bus. To wait for your luggage to be last on the carousel. To get on the wrong coach. TO arrive at a hotel & be dog tired. To have a porter waiting in your room with your luggage for a tip. Don't even get me started on tipping for food!!!!

There are many more moans, but I'm beginning to sound a right mizzy bum! All the above mither tho to get burnt! You come home with a tan that lasts all of 2 weeks & a suitcase of tacky souveniers that you bought off locals to make them go away! I really sound like Carl Pilkington! But been there & done lots , so I'm beginning to appreciate more what is on my doorstep & have a better quality of life by staying at home.

Each to their own & I have had good hols in the past. So if hols are what you like then go for it.

I'd prefer city breaks nowadays & arrange it all myself.


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Oh Emma you just reminded me of everything I hate about travelling , how nice to consciously decide not to.New Zwaland is our dream destination but for this year we have just bought touring caravan and are taking it to France and weekends here in Ireland weather permitting.I hope the ferry terminals are not as bad as airports. :lol:

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Iceland...now there's an interesting thought.

Japan is somewhere on my wish list, I would like to see the cherry blossom. Will you be there then Mollyripkim?

Costa Rica is getting to be a very popular destination, I don't know much about it. If i was going to South America....maybe, Chile or Brazil. Cuba would be fascinating, I do like to dance, although I've never tangoed.

Olly I have been on Safari in Tanzania, and it was amazing!! Save up and go! Go! Go!

Grandmashazzie, I would like to take a camper van up the east coast of Australia.

craftyhunniepie Aka mizzybum :lol: I love Thailand too. OH and I once flew from Chiangmai to Phuket via Bangkok, delays delays delays! The ground staff were fab at getting everyone on to new flights and arranging onward connections. It was boring being stranded though, and by the time we got to Phuket it was nearly midnight. We ended up in the worst place I've ever stayed. We found out later that it was the place used to film for The Beach, at the beginning when he is in the Hostel. We did have a private room but it was not clean at all, we left on the first ferry the next day!

We do make our own arrangements usually, we have had many stop overs in Bangkok as we always allow a bit of time in case of delay. I love Bangkok! I do not tan! I am a red head with fair skin. My outfit of choice is long pants and long sleeves! And a big hat!

OH is currently favouring a week in Italy in the spring, maybe with a trip to Thailand in November.

He has travelled places I have never been to, Russia, China and Brazil, but neither of us have ever been to India. I lived in Trinidad once upon a time, OH has been reluctant to visit but it was up for serious contention this time and I think there is somewhat of a commitment to go in 2015. Yay!

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Hi redhotchick, this is a great topic, lots of ideas. Yes we will be in japan for cherry blossom time, doing an organised tour of just 12 people, it covers loads of places so we can see the old and new, it's the old and different cultures that really fascinates me, looking forward to seeing the guisha girls, monks and beatiful buildings. Then we are having a few days on our own in Tokyo mainly so we can use the bullet train.

I know the flying bit is a bit tough but we are working on the principle that we will do well we are able. We did plan out a trip in Puru, it was amazing but included a 10 hou road journey down a sheer mountain pass so we chickened out.

Only ever spent 3 days in Bangkok and loved it so would like to revisit Thailand.

Most amazing trip was to Bali last year, we stayed in an elephant sanctuary for rescued Sumatran elephants,spent two days playing with a six month old baby and got to bathe a huge old working elephant, she was so lovely, no chains or anything, it brings tear to my eyes just thinking about it, she was so interactive with us while her mahout just sat on a wall and used our camera to take loads of photos. He had been with her for 20 years and the bond was obvious.

I always try to do something with wildlife whilst we are away so would be interested to hear any if your experiences. Unfortunately I've just had to have rabies jabs after an unfortunate incident with a monkey in Bali, good news doctor told me I can now work with bats in this country.

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If you've never been to Las Vegas it's somewhere I would strongly recommend that everyone see at least once (she says posting from MGM grand hotel enjoying her last evening on holiday :lol: )


Great to have as a Multi centre holiday too..... Combine with San Francisco (another amazing place) or do a travel around California, Yosemite is gorgeous as are Muir Woods.


So yep, west coast USA is my recommendation :D

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Having just spent the most marvellous Christmas there, another vote for San Francisco here. Hubby booked a surprise trip (the first surprise in 20 years!). The climate really suited me and there was so much to do there that we needed longer. We're already planning to return soon and do the whole Route 66 thing.


Cuba was wonderful, one of the best holidays we've ever had! Havana is a place that has to be seen - but go soon as it is changing and becoming more commercial. At the moment it is a place trapped in time and is one of the few places I've been in the world in the last 10 years where not everyone had a mobile phone.


New Zealand is very easy to drive around. We started in Queenstown, in the South Island, took a wine tour and a terrific helicopter ride over Milford Sound and the mountains, then hired a car and drove up to Auckland over about 10 days. We just booked whichever motel we liked the look of along the way.


Tasmania is terrific. Take a trip to Port Arthur and see if you can find any ancestors who were sent there. They also do a great night tour and it's a good slice of history. There are various other convict sites all over Tas. Freycinet is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen - Wineglass Bay is just perfect. Other highlights were Launceston (wallabies, wine tours, Cataract Gorge, great food), Cradle Mountain (wildlife, wildlife, wildlife everywhere) and The Wall in the Wilderness - a huge wooden, hand carved sculpture that depicts the history of Tas. It's a way out but worth the drive.

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Just back from Mexico, (Sunday) Lovely weather but wouldnt go back.

Best place I have ever been is the Maldives, went two years on the trot, amazing place for R&R, but very expensive, but if money was no object Bora Bora is where I would love to go.

Note to self..must work harder and earn more money :lol:

OH has now retired so possible will be Margate next year. where ever you decide to go hope the sun shines and you have a wonderful time.

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Ooo Dogmotherthe Scottish Highlands and Islands are a must - they are something of a Mecca for me and just take my breath away every time. But don't go in the summer or you'll be made one itchy lump from the highland midges :roll:


I'm very much into views and not so into frying in the sun. I'd love to go to Scandinavia to see the snowy mountains and for a spring holiday I'd like to go to northern Turkey to see the wild tulips. The most beautiful place I've ever been, even more beautiful than the Scottish Highlands and Islands is the Russian steps. I'd love to go again. I'd also like to go to Nepal.

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Less than 4 weeks to my holiday! Woohoo! It is me, my OH and his octogenarian mother, she's probably fitter than me! OH's brother is joining us for 4 days. I think it is a bit of a nostalgia trip for all of us.


Dogmother, I sailed around the Hebridean Islands many years ago, it was fab. I'd love to spend a bit more time on land up there!


I would like to go to the Maldives, OH has been and I can understand his reluctance to revisit. He isn't one for beach holidays really and likes to travel around.


We have booked flights for December....planning to spend some time travelling around Cambodia. We have been before, I'm looking forward to going again. Siam Reap and Angkor Wat, beaches and Islands in the gulf, Phnom Penh.

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Cornwall is one of my favourite places we are due to in two weeks but it looks like we may have to cancel because my OH has just has a large abscess drained in hospital and will need daily packing for at least a fortnight plus he has been told not to sit down on it at all do a four hour car journey is looking like a no no. It wouldn't be tight to go without him so bye bye beach house :( . I might see if we can postpone it.

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