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Rob Thomson

Bumpa Bits - any experts in Weston-super-Mare area?

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I wonder if anyone in the Weston-super-Mare area can help us fit a Bumpa Bit?


We've had our ex-batts for just over two months. Just over a week ago we noticed one of our girls (Milly) behaving very aggressively towards another of our chickens (Anita). Then on Tuesday morning I opened the Eglu to find Anita - who's always been the quietest and most submissive of our three girls - with her back covered with blood from several wounds including a 20p sized 'hole' just behind her neck. She'd obviously been pecked very savagely.


We ordered some BUmpa Bits, and while we've been waiting for them to arrive we've kept the chickens separated. We tried removing Milly, but even the other chicken (Pamela) seems to have it in for poor little Anita when they're in the Eglu. Currently little Anita's sleeping in the downstairs loo (where it's quite cool) but she's been in the garden lots during the days with the bully kept out of harm's way in the Eglu. Pamela seems okay with Anita as long as they're in the garden where there's room for them to keep away from each other.


Anyway, we've tried but failed yesterday and today to fit the Bumpa Bits to Milly and Pamela. We can't hold their heads firmly enough to stop them wriggling and they won't open their beaks. On a couple of ocassions we've come close, but the Bumpa wasn't fitted properly and we had to remove it again. We've been using circlip pliers.


Is there anyone local who might be able to show us how it's done?


Many thanks, Rob & Ceris.

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Oh bless you, how horrible. I had the same from my girls, only I had them for 6 months before it happened.

How about speaking to your vet to see if they fit them, also I know there is a YouTube video of fitting them.

Did you try wrapping her in a towel? It's scary isn't it, I was afraid of hurting them!

I tried but was unable to fit them, another fabulous omleteer came to my rescue so I do hope someone can do likewise x

Leeweedon just fitted them on a few of his girls so he may be able to advise you. Good luck

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They can be a nightmare took me nearly 2 hours to fit 4 brahmas with them on my own I stood in the pen put the birds between my legs and trapped them with my knees then I have one hand free to hold the head and the other to get the beak ring on must have looked a sight though :lol: you can get a tool to put them on try looking on google leanne :)

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