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Flubenvet efficiency

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I have had the same, I use the pre mixed flubervet so there is no faffing around and worm every three months but always see worms when worming. Mine free range loads and have a open enclosure so loads of bugs to eat so assume it's that, but if it happens again on this cycle I may send the poop away for testing to make sure I am using the appropriate wormer.


During the worming cycle make sure they eat NOTHING else so they fill up with the pellets.


Mine are all very healthy looking so I assume the worm load isn't too bad. Ideally I would like my girls to have no worms at all but am not sure how realistic that is, I might be wrong but I assume all free ranging hens have some worm load? (Even if you don't see the little rascals)

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...........I might be wrong but I assume all free ranging hens have some worm load? (Even if you don't see the little rascals)


You are right; as with any animal that you worm, they will always pick up worm eggs soon after. The object is to keep the worm load to a minimum so that it doesn't compromise their health, so try not to worry too much about it.


If you are concerned that your flock has an infestation problem, then you can worm again with Flubenvet in 3 weeks time - make sure to restrict their free ranging and feed no treats at all. Or you can speak to your vet who may well prescribe 10% Panacur suspension as this is a stronger and broader spectrum wormer. Please note that this product is not licensed for use on poultry in the UK, so you will have to see the vet about using it first.... It would be helpful if you took some poo samples into your vet so they can identify which worms you have a problem with.

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After doing some research Im in no doubt that my girl has tapeworms. There are small white sesame seed sized things moving in her droppings, almost reaching out of it, if that makes sense. Theyve all been treated with Flubenvet but I now understand that this wont work against tapeworms, hence why Im still seeing them despite the Flubenvet course.


Is there an off the shelf treatment for tapeworms or will a trip to the vet be needed? I feel so awful as she's had this before and I thought the Flubenvet was helping her, not doing nothing at all :(

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