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Night time arrangements for bunnies in Eglus

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Hi all


I'm trying to convince myself to upgrade one of my hutches to an eglu this year as I gave a two decker hutch which i'd love to have back as one for the youngsters and get a shiny new run/house set up for my parent bunnies. The Eglu looks safe enough and with them being on concrete the whole winter months the digging won't be an issue, i'm also pretty confident we can be clever to put off Mr Fox (not that any of the five that live close by ever come in, between our dog and the five or six that live on our side of the street... they seem quite content with the railway embankment).


However my question of eglu owners... do you still cover the runs at night and let the buns leap about or do you shuffle them back into their homes? if you cover, what do you use?


I'm the queen of ingenious uses of tarp so i'm not bothered but more intrigued what you all do.


Thanks in advance


Dizzi (and Fluffyfoot and Rippi who really want a new designer home)

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just by way of an update, and as several people have viewed the post, so I wonder if they too have the same query... I have bought a second hand Eglu classic (my lil rablu) from a lovely lady on here, it's now been set up, it looks awesome. I have moved my bunnies into it and at night because of the wet weather and the chilly breeze we have been covering it with a layer of tarp. More than anything to put off mr, mrs and all the baby foxes, also the neighbours cat.


It works really well and we are very much in love with it. I now can't wait until summer when we move them onto the lawn and I make a judgement call on whether to invest in chickens as well or not.

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I often wondered about rabbits in rablu too. My rabbit lives in the upstairs part of a massive hutch and if I were to start over again with rabbits I would get a rablu too.


As for you not having chickens, well :roll:

Let us know when you might get some and provide us with some pics.

Failing that, happy bunny pics in their new house would be nice :D

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Actually I was pleasantly surprised. I too had the two eldest in a downstairs hutch with two of their offspring above, and with the addition of the dog everyone needed more space, and i'd wanted R&F to live on the ground, we used to have a conservatory but we don't anymore which is frustrating.


They love it, and will put up pics for sure, especially now they have settled in. The best thing I have ever done for them. Now to teach their kids how to use a ramp.


Chickens will all depend on how much room we have left once the rabbits have been put out there I think, although I do dearly want some.

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I have an Eglu with an extended run within a large walk in run. In summer and winter there is clear corrugated clear plastic covering the length of the run then covered with tarp to keep the sun off. In winter I Tuva double duvet under the plastic and a wooden box/straw in the run for them to keep warm.


I'm getting another rabbit. 2 rescues including the rspca have said my set up is the best they've ever seen. The third won't rehome a rabbit to me saying my set up is too exposed and a hutch should be raised off the ground.

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