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Has been nice to see her eat - she has slowed a bit again, but she is eating. She absolutely demands raisins since she found that one :shock: I put a couple in the next day for her, to tempt her to eat and once they are gone she walks around tipping everything up and emptying the grub looking for them. I wondered if there was something in them that her body needs or is she just being a spoiled chicken :roll:


She is certainly more active - first out of the house and flies down - so bit at a time is good enough for me. She has had nutridrops for two days now so feel better she is getting those too.


She is 2 years and 3 months old, and although I feel she isn't very old, I suppose she is getting there now for a hybrid :(


So very glad Hilda is eating well and feeling better - you are right - so much easier when you can chat it out and you don't feel alone with the problem. So difficult when you have people who are puzzled as to why you have them in the first place - like my friends bless them, let alone why you would worry when they are ill as they are just chickens!! Thanks for listening and for your support - really has meant so much to me over the last few days and for that I am grateful.


Here's to a spring where we can enjoy our girls' company and antics and perhaps even a bit of sunshine :dance:

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I got a book for Christmas - how to train your humans - all advice for chickens :lol: I think you are right and Pickles obviously read it before I did :lol:


Well, back to the vets today - Pickles was very quiet this morning and right back to how she was at the start. I thought - that's it, she is not going to suffer and off we went - another half a day off work as holiday so they think I am really nuts now :roll:


Advised the vet I was happy to give her medication etc but not if it turned out all along that she had something else the matter - also I had found a lump between her leg and her tummy and was worried. He had a feel and said there was a mass there and my heart sank. However, he said she is egg bound :shock: I said in that case - what do I do - I feel I have drawn this out now and don't want her in pain. He said in a smaller chicken that had lost weight, he would put her to sleep, but as she was 3kg and had only lost 100g in 10 days, he felt she was worth fighting for. Hot baths, oil, Metacam and Baytril. However, he didn't want me to feel he was just bumping his bill up, so would just charge me for some Metacam and I am to take her back on Tuesday if there is no improvement. The bill was just £12.


I filled the bath as soon as I got home and gently lowered the pet carrier into the bath - chicken and all. The water came up over her vent and she just sat there bobbing along and promptly fell asleep. After that she seemed brighter, but she had had a dose of Metacam at the vets so suspect it was that. She enjoyed the hairdryer and fell asleep again and I managed to put a lot of oil around and just inside her vent and had to cut away the feathers that were very mucky as it had turned to a chalky powder.


Fingers crossed but not holding my breath. Her comb changed from purple tipped to red after the medication, but just can't be sure what will happen.


As the vet said - if we can say we have ticked all the boxes, if the worst happens, you will cope far better - and suppose he is right.

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Unfortunately, I took her back to the vet today and asked them to put her to sleep. She seemed better initially, especially after the Metacam, but a day's dose was only leaving her bright for about 4 hours and then she would go quiet again. On Friday, I found a lump between her leg and tummy, but the vet wanted to be sure she wasn't egg bound. By Saturday evening, there was a lump either side and by this morning, she was hot underneath - which I have been checking for for a while.


She enjoyed her warm baths and dozed and drank the water and she loved the hairdryer, but by this morning I had to say - what am I doing? She isn't going to get better and I looked at her dozing in her basket and realised, it just isn't what she is supposed to be doing. She should be out running about with Pepper and screaming for mealworms, not having baths and medication. Must say, had a very good cry whilst I sat stroking her and waiting for her to go to the vet and she still sat talking to me bless her.


The vet was great, fully booked but said under the circumstances, bring her down and we will call you straight in. They agreed it was peritonitis, albeit they felt it was sterile at the moment but wouldn't be for long. I asked to stay with her, but they said they anaesthetise her first, as there isn't a vein to inject into and then inject into the body and the result is instant so it takes a while. They took her away, called me in 20 minutes and she was there already gone so I was so sad I wasn't with her at the very end - although it was so tough to be there.


Have been heartbroken ever since - loved her to bits and she was such a beauty and only 2 years old. Pepper has been searching everywhere for her and calling all day which has been tough to deal with. I have now swapped Pepper into the walk in run and Bonnie into the main run and Pepper settled once I did this as it is slightly smaller and new surroundings. I thought I would feel better knowing I had done all I could - but I just want her back, well and beautiful, running around, shouting to me, chasing the cat and tidying my hair. I thought I would have her for so much longer. I had watched for all the signs of peritonitis, but she didn't display them until the very end, wasn't swollen, wasn't sitting on the nest at all, wasn't hot underneath until the end. She had a very fast moult, lost all her feathers in two days and feathered up quickly, but she never seemed to get over it and went straight into peritonitis.


Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support, really appreciated and I know there are bigger problems in the world, but she was my girl and I loved her and miss her and I know that will be very much understood on this forum so thanks again.

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Ah I'm sorry you had a sad ending :( RIP Pickles.


We do get attached to their individual personalities :D As long as we make their lives as good as they can be and enjoy their company, even short lives can be meaningful :D You totally did all you could :clap: I still miss my cockerel Monty who died over a year ago, he was a sweetie :D


I have a new boy now Mr Max and his sister and I'm just getting to know them both :D

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Thanks both. You don't see it coming - you think you will be fine and then realise just how attached you are and bang - like someone hitting you in the face with a brick.


Monty sounded like a lovely one off chap and like Pickles, sure he will always be remembered fondly.

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Oh Libby I'm so so sorry to hear about Pickles :(


I can't believe after everything you've been through with her that she didn't make it. But…..it sounds like you made the right decision today, albeit an incredibly difficult and painful decision. I felt the same with Olive, watching her dozing and realising she wasn't doing the chickeny things she should be doing and you know in that moment that its time to say goodbye.


Gosh its just so hard though isn't it. Saying goodbye when they are such dear little friends. I wish you'd had a happy ending with Pickles and been able to spend more time together, but the time you had was special and she was much loved and cherished and I'm sure she knew that.


Thinking of you, know exactly how you must be feeling, so go easy on yourself the next few days OK? You did everything you could, you couldn't have done or cared for her more. Big hugs xx

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Thank you very much - your kind words have made me feel a bit better actually and you have hit the nail on the read re poor Olive, as that is exactly how I feel. She was such a toughie too. She was strong and unfortunately, I think that went against her as she probably fought on longer and harder than she should have done, but yes, that moment hits you and think it is time and the rest is just a blur.


I suppose we all have at least one like Pickles - the one that runs to you when you go out, the one always chatting and when you go into the pen, the first one to jump onto your lap - but in my case this was to check my pockets for mealworms!


I will be glad to get to work and concentrate on something I think.


Thanks for the hugs - much needed and appreciated.



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Thank you. She was so good at hiding it all the little tinker bless her. Even that morning she started to eat corn on the cob and attack and apple, but you know in your gut it is all wrong. Poor old Pepper is running around looking for her and calling - bestest buddies - do hope she settles soon.


Vets were smashing - so lucky to have them.

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Thank you. You are right - watching her closely. I have been getting up early and spending an hour with her first thing and the family at home are going out to her every half an hour at the moment. She is calling for Pickles now and again, but is easily distracted. She has had several trugs of chippings added from Bonnie's pen, as she loves that for some reason and she chupped away and scattered seeds keep her busy for quite a while.


She has Bonnie in the pen next to her - about a 5 or 6 inch gap as Pepper would like to kill her if she could. However, she spends more time up there with Bonnie now. Bonnie is not impressed as she holds a grudge after Pepper's attacks :evil: Pepper pins her down and goes for her eyes so I can't risk putting them together as Bonnie doesn't even run, she just screams. Hopefully it will settle down soon poor girl.

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