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Shoe/sandal help

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I cannot believe it! that is the exact same dress as Lauren is wearing as a bridesmaid at the end of March.......and for her Prom in April :shock:


Because of all her dislocations she IS going to be wearing DMs with hers so that she has the ankle support - the bride to be was OK with that. If she's having a good day she does have some pumps with a low heel - if it's a bad day she'll be accessorizing with the wheelchair and/or crutches!


Glad you've found some shoes that Rosie approves of :lol:

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Just thought I'd let you know that Lauren managed her day as bridesmaid on Saturday - with just 3 shoulder dislocations! :) No wheelchair and no crutches needed.


I've popped back to this thread to see where you bought Rosie's dress as I was charged with trying to dye Lauren's from the dark green to black.....it won't dye because of the fabric and it's come out darker green. No doubt it will have to be right for her Prom and her Dad will have to dig into his pocket :roll:

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Thanks Clare, we're hoping she'll like dark green :lol: - there are Dessy stockists in Stratford and Leamington as well so we'll have the choice of three shops if not.


It was a long weekend with a lot of travelling for her and she can't come to Aquafit this morning as her shoulder is too sore :( - 2 weeks to her Prom.....

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