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Candy Crush , It is all my daughters' fault !

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I am a modest Lady and I never. I repeat Never waste time on computer games or any on my Tablet . I do enjoy Sudoku , scrabble and the odd puzzle .

But my ED said to me just a few days ago ." don't you have any games on that ? " ...... " No " I told her my hands hurt so much that I don't play games.

" Well if you can waggle a finger side to side or up and down with no effort you can play Candy Crush. She then downloaded it for me and showed me !!!!! :shock:

I am admitting to you all that in just a very , few short days, three to be precise , I am addicted :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

I don't buy lives and I get frustrated at the time outs, And I am having to restrict myself to how much I play it . In fact I have considered just deleting it , but as I play I forget how much I am hurting ( Mr Arthritis is nasty atm ) so in one way it is good but dear me, Grandma is turning into a gamester !! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I'm afraid I have had a very similar experience with Jelly Splash. I spend vast amounts of time on it but have managed to resist paying 69p for some more lives. :oops:


Apparently psychologists are part of the development team when the games are made to ensure they are as addictive as possible!

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For as long as there have been computer games and playstations I've used them as a sort of therapy. As stress-busters nothing compares. If you've got one of those horrible situations that go round and round in your head, they are very good at breaking that cycle even just for a while and give you a break from over thinking something.

When the kids were younger and were ill or nervous, especially before exams or interviews I would get them to play something. They were never allowed consoles of their own in their bedrooms so there was never any chance of overdoing it- too much of a queue of people waiting for a go.

I think there should be games consoles in care homes etc, they are fun and sharpen the mind. There are often quite complex puzzles, strategies and sequences to work out. Certainly better than day-time TV which does the opposite.

There's a whole new world waiting out there for you- my favourites are the Lego Playstation games which are fun.

The Simpsons- Tapped Out is my favourite tablet game and you can play it for free.

I've never thought of them as wasting time, just as a different way to relax and unwind. 8)

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I loved Candy Crush until I got to a particular level - around 150 I think. I refuse to spend money on the help things and after trying the level for something like 3 weeks I eventually gave up and deleted it.


I am playing the sister game to Candy Crush at the moment, Farm Saga I think it is called. I used to play patience a lot a a child and I think these games are similar.


If you want something challenging, try The Room. It's a brilliantly devised game, amazing graphics. You do have to pay for it but there are no other costs once you have bought it.

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As far as I understand you do get to a point with candy crush where you can't progress without buying something. I get totally hooked on patience from time to time, we also play words with friends daily with ED, who is at uni, we find it a good way to know on a day to say basis that she is home safe in bed, because she plays just before sleeping. Usually at 2 am but at least we know that she is alive :lol:


The only other game that I play daily is SongPop.

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Dear me ! :lol::lol: So glad it isn't just me . :!::!:

We were at Pancake supper in Church on Tuesday . The vicar came and asked how we were as the OH is on leave atm.

He chatted a while and then told her I was a Candy Crush addict, which after only a little while actually made me blush :oops::oops::oops: To my surprise so did the Vicar, " It is soo addictive, she can play for an hour or more and then wonder where the time went , when she was really meant to be working on her sermon " :!:

The vicar is at it too , and she plays jelly splash and the lego games ( she has 4 boys, her excuse she says ) So now I don't feel so bad . But I'm not giving it up for Lent, No ! I have stopped sweets and crisps instead. That does not include chocolate.

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I used to sit with a deck of cards and play clock patience or solitaire for hours, so I consider these games no different :)

I confess I'm on level 418 of Candy Crush. Never bought any thing on it, and only use up my lives once (maybe twice) a day - all levels succumb in the end 8)

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