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Chucky Mama

Beware of cookies when looking at flight prices

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I would not have believed this was true if I had not seen this myself. Last night ES was looking to book a flight (£400 ish). The price was good and he went to book last night as prices are going up. His card didn't go through and as it was late he left it until today. Today when he looked it had gone up by £200! He was gutted as it meant he couldn't afford to travel. However he then remembered a friend telling him that the cookies on your computer tell the company that you are interested in certain flights. The company then wacks the price up next time you look and makes you not only panic but also book the more expensive price immediately thinking they are going to go up further. He went on to my computer and lo and behold, the price was the same as last night :shock: So the moral of the story is to keep clearing your cookies when looking at quotes :D

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I use Hitman Pro - it gets rid of malicious software and an unbelievable amount of cookies that lurk. I use it with other good antivirus protection. You can have a free trial for a month. I did and now I have it for a year - think it was about £17 and sorted out loads of problems that the normal antivirus misses. You can also do a 3 year deal with them.

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This is what it says when you open an incognito tab:


You've gone incognito. Pages you view in incognito tabs won't stick around in your browser's history, cookies or search history after you've closed all of your incognito tabs. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be kept.


However, you aren't invisible. Going incognito doesn't hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider or the websites you visit.


Learn more about incognito browsing.

Because Google Chrome does not control how extensions handle your personal data, all extensions have been disabled for incognito windows. You can re-enable them individually in the extensions manager.

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