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Ozzy finally does something useful!

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We've had our cat Ozzy for 11 years, he's old, fat, grumpy and has no teeth. He's never been much of a hunter, the only things he'd ever caught were frogs. However, tonight he comes up trumps with a mouse! He brings it in the living room and I promptly chucked him back out the cat flap not wanting him to make a mess, then he not only comes back in but also drops it! The mouse was alive (presumably because he has no teeth to dispatch it) and I had to catch it and put it back outside. Poor Ozzy! All those years waiting to catch a mouse and I go and let it go! I gave him a chew to make up for it.

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I found out first dead mouse in the garden on the patio today when I was hanging out the washing :( We have had live mice brought it. Not much fun trying to catch the things. We have also had live frogs and ickle baby birds :twisted:


Poor Ozzy though :( He must have been so pleased with himself. Maybe he will be so miffed at your response, he will never try again :lol: Well, one can live in hope :wink:

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