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Polish Moulting

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Hi guys,


Another silly questions, I am just wondering if any other of you poultry keepers have experienced polish hens taking longer to go through a moult. The reason im asking is I have a hen that is still a bit scrawny looking?


Your help would be much appreciated


Many Thanks



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Hi! I don't have any polish, but moulting can really take it out of them! Had you thought of giving a tonic? Nettex do one specially for moulting. I have found their products to be very good :D Protein also helps them to feather up quickly :D


I know I've read some where that a hen who appears to be always moulting....can be an indicator of under lying illness. Is she a healthy bird, what age is she? One of my pekins had 3 moults in a year, due to being a broody and odd weather in the autumn, she suffered and got run down....not a surprise hey! She's fine now :D

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ACV is used to help make the gut healthy, but I don't think it will have much effect on a moulting bird. The only time I had a poland take longer than usual to feather up, was when I had a feather pecker :oops: But I totally agree with Mimi5 in that it can be a sign of underlying weakness, so I would firstly check for lice and mites which drag birds down, and assuming there are no other symptoms then I would give your bird a specific tonic like LifeGuard, Nettex or similar.

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