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Aracauna Bantams

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Hi Guys,


I am possibly thinking about getting Aracauna hatching eggs for incubating, I can only keep bantams because of the space I have for the hens and I was wondering is it possible to get Bantam Aracaunas as I am finding it difficult to find on the internet although some pieces of information say yes. Would large aracaunas fit in with pekins?


Your help would be much appreciated



Many Thanks



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I have two large aracaunas who are very "posh" girls and keep themselves to themselves. Having said that I had to move the Polish bantams out because the aracaunas took to "pruning" the little ones top-knots! But Pekins are quite feisty so they may be ok. Aracaunas aren't aggressive in my experience - just aloof.

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Hi, I have always had a mini flock of mixed ladies. My auracana Pom is almost 5yrs and until recently the feistiest little thing ever. She was very pecky with newcomers and pretty aloof generally. She does have a lovely relationship with my faverolle and still sleeps under her wing at night :]]] She is not at all large and therefore I would imagine would fit in with any other hen. Ax

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Well Stephen, I also had/have the same desire for these small blue egg layers..........in fact since I began my chicken keeping journey :lol:


I couldn't get hold of any, so opted for pekins :wink: Then, a year later I was able to get hold of some fairly local hatching eggs. No success though. Out of 3 eggs I broke :( 1 didn't hatch and the 1 that did died day 3 :(:( That keeper only had a pair and doesn't have them anymore....not that I'd go back!!!!


So, then I thought I'd found some in Norfolk.....assured they were bantams. Collected them and they looked big, but were next to LF orpingtons.......got them home and it was obvious they were small large fowl birds. They were lovely, but at 16 weeks more to grow yet. I made the difficult decision to take them back after a week as I just didn't think I had enough room :(:( (they were struggling in my ark due to their height!!)


Still would love a couple..........sometime! Let me know if you have any joy!?!?

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