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Flubenvet or verm-x

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Definitely Flubenvet :)

I agree we bought Verm-X when we got our first girls 6 years ago and we never used it as people recommended Flubenvet.


I have used the powder and mixed it in with their pellets but the last time I bought the ready medicated pellets makes life much easier but there can be a lot of waste if you only have a small flock as the use by date is too short to use them the next time you worm them.



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Flubenvet definitely. I used to use verm x in the months in between (Flubenvetted every 3rd month because they free range originally but now do it every 4 months unless I see something I'm not happy about) - now I just add a little to their feed now and again just to use up that big pot that I bought! :roll:

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I guess it's down to what suits you and your flock, especially if you live on land with a heavy worm egg load.


Do bear in mind though that the absence of visible worms in the poo doesn't mean that there aren't any!


You can either have a regular worming regime to keep the worm load down to a manageable level whereby it isn't compromising the health of your birds, or you can send off poo samples (or take them to your vet) for analysis, and then worm as and when needed.


The various herbal 'gut conditioners' on the market are not licensed wormers and there's no evidence to support their effectiveness or otherwise; whether or not you use them is up to you, but I wouldn't (personally) rely on any of them to keep my flock worm free.

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