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Finally finished new walk in run for my 2 girls. We started building it at Christmas after I saw a photo I liked in a chicken book. Work was delayed with all the bad wet weather!

We have put the Eglu inside the Wendy house which stands on paving stones. I have painted the wendy house inside and out and replaced the roof. We chose coroline roofing for run and the floor is meshed on membrane topped with sand and aubiose.

We have also put a mesh skirt around run which is dug in and pegged down. We have built a wall on top of mesh at front and sides as the ground took a lot of levelling off being a very sloped garden. We have also put paving slabs down now on top of other mesh skirt.

Yesterday we put on bolts (3 on each door - just in case), and built shelf and log roll ramp. I'm not sure if they will go up it or if I need to put anything on the shelf if they do?

Chickens Doris & Mabel seem a bit fazed by it all but they have laid an egg each today so they are working it out.

Will attach photos if I can.







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Thank you! I will let you know how it goes. I have been getting lots of tips from this forum and although not everything has gone to plan its been a good effort. :)

Doris and Mabel have been confused all day but they did go to bed ok so I'm sure they will settle in a few days. They have only moved about 10 feet!!!

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Exactly. Doris was pacing back and forth and making lots of grumbling noises. She wanted to lay an egg but didn't know where to go. She kept going in and out eglu complaining. I did let them out as weather so nice but Doris just kept running into bushes looking for old run :? So I thought it best to leave them in New run and let them get used to it. Mabel was more chilled out enjoying all the treats.

Hopefully all a bit more settled this morning.

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Your new WIR looks really wonderful :D I love the pictures!


I also did the mesh/turf protector on the ground. It saves on mud when it's raining and has stopped anything digging into the run, too. Hope you and your chickens enjoy your new WIR, I'm sure they'll settle in very quickly :D



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Things have settled down now and had one egg today and one yesterday laid in the (red eglu) .

The aubiose is still looking good and they love the new hanging drinker - I've put poultry drink in that.

They were out for few hours having a nice dust bath today so a lot happier!


They haven't managed to go up the ramp onto their 'shelf' yet. Will wait a few weeks and them tempt them up with mealy worms. They do manage to get up the 8 stairs onto my wooden deck by the house. Once they learnt how to hop up the steps they are doing it all the time! Look funny hopping down though :lol: So I'm sure they will get onto the shelf one day.

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