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Fragile / Weak Eggs

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Having arrived at work to discover 3 eggs in my jacket pocket it reminded me to ask you helpful friends for more advice...


Our Hilda, a Gold Star Ranger, one of the 'original' flock is laying very weak, fragile eggs that are quite porous and have bobbles on them. She has been doing this for about a month now.


It changes from day-to-day ranging from okay if handles with care to cracking when being picked up.


None of the other ladies do this, they all lay really hard shelled eggs.


Grit and Oyster shell is available all the time and I've been giving her "Poultry Zest" daily to boost her up but no joy.


I've tried boosting her with poultry tonic, poultry drink, egg shells and cauliflower / cabbage to much on.


The flock has all been wormed (1st week in Feb, 10 days of Fubenvet), de-mited/liced (2nd week March, Ivermectin) and all seem happy.


She is missing quite a few feathers on her bum and "belly" which I attribute to Joan "the evil one" picking feathers even though she has a bumper bit on (that's another story)


I've ordered some "Shell Improver" to see if that helps...


Any ideas?


Many thanks



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The symptoms are caused by hen not being able to absorb calcium properly. Its worth trying the CLO, but it might or might not work - I never found out as the hen in question refused to eat the treated food! You can also buy limestone flour which is supposed to work, but it didn't for me. Weak eggs with bobbles on are perfectly fine for eating as no doubt you've found out :lol: but they aren't much cop for hatching.

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It can be a by-product of the original immunisation for IB (infectious bronchitis) and as such won't respond to treatment. The 'bobbles' on the eggs are an indicator of that. Plenty of sunlight helps though, as well as the other advice for cod liver oil Leeweedon. Would only give her one shot of CLO though, at 0.5mL per Kg bodyweight.

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I'm thinking that the missing feathers might be connected to the thin egg shells. She might be eating her own feathers, in which case it could indicate a dietary deficiency or not absorbing something as suggested. I have a hen with a bald bottom and underneath - it took me ages to figure out that she was doing this herself :(

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