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Next step in ltter training?

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So I finally gave in and added a new kitten to the household! He's now 6 months old and going outside as and when he pleases using the catflap. My question is how do I get him to stop using the litter tray? I was hoping he'd follow the other cats lead but he was just coming back in to use it and then going outside again :roll: I've now moved the tray outside permanently but he's still using it. I've had cats for years but they've always arrived as adults so this is all new to me!


Of course I wouldn't dare and not add some pics so here's Artemis :D


At 9 weeks just after he arrived




Meeting the chickens for the first time



And now at 6 months, a little big bigger and still some growing to do! He's not as grumpy as he looks in this pic!


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He is gorgeous! I am not sure what to suggest. I know our recent addition used the litter tray for ages when we got her, but I think she just stopped using it. Once I was confident she no longer needed it I just took it away. Of course this happened when we bought a huge amount of cat litter :roll::lol:

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You've already moved it outside - I'd move it nearer to the garden in gradual stages, put it on the earth and then finally sprinkle a bit of litter on the earth so he gets the idea - it's a slow process, but I've done this successfully in the past. Much as I hate it, I'm actually contemplating keeping the litter tray in use after this winter because I'm fed up with digging cat poo out of the borders. :roll: Only one of my cats uses it, the other clearly thinks the very idea of an indoor toilet is outrageous.

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