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:lol::lol: Mine used to come up to the patio doors and watch the TV through the window. They never liked the Christmas tree though. Many a time they'd all sneak in the back door and wander through the kitchen and peer round the door to the hallway! Now they aren't allowed up this half of the garden.
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Oh dear poor puddy! What an insult to injury! :lol: With our netting, Kitty the silkie was so narrow she would always squeeze through the netting. Unfortunately that meant our veggies were either upturned or eaten. And I could always tell when she got through because of the bark paths ended up in the veggie beds and the dirt in the veggie beds were transferred to the paths. And lots of little craters all over the place!!! It was only when I found her in there and she ran for the netting I saw her POP! through - little monkey!!!

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