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Some of you will remember that almost two years ago I did my first hatch and to my amazement and shock one egg hatched on day 17 causing great panic, thanks to the wonderful Omleteers you told me what to do and he survived his early appearance. As he had tumbled down the rows of eggs because they were still being turned he was called Tumble. He was a white mini silkie.


We kept Tumble as he never really crowed, only quietly like he had a cough, he has happily lived with four bantam babes that were from the same hatch but this morning he didn't come out of the eglu. He seemed fine yesterday out and about following the ladies around as usual.


I brought him inside but he was very weak and seemed sleepy. I gave him a cuddle and put him in the utility where it was a bit warmer.


Just checked on him and he has died.


To add to the day I have the chicks from school and one that hatched yesterday after a long struggle to get out of the egg died overnight, poor thing.


Keeping animals is lovely but sometimes it is so sad.



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Sad news Chrissie.I have just returned from my yoga retreat and the lady was going through the opposites yin and yang etcand said to experience happiness you need to have suffering,and I thought I shall use this philosophy to help me through these situations.So hopefully all the pleasure you had with little Tumble far outweighs the sadness now.Sending positive thoughts.

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