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Well the oak has had a hair cut!

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Our lovely tree feller (in more ways than one) has just trimmed our oak and raking up the branches. "Ooops, word censored!"ody was interested and hid away until that moment when he walked down the garden with a rather large fork. He had all 5 birds trotting down behind him. Had to laugh as they were all waiting patiently in a little semi circle for him to start digging - which he of course didn't. The girls are now sulking in their clubhouse again. :lol: I have to add they never wait patiently for me or OH.

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Tee-hee, thats so funny :lol:


I've just done a spot of gardening with 6 little sauce pots all trying to jump in the holes and refill them as fast as I can dig!


Its amazing how they recognise the spade and fork set, they even know where they live and get all excited whenever I go to the shed door. Every time I turn around they are all standing right behind me expectantly! :lol:

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Yes - same here - and stupid birds even sit on the fork while you try and lift up the dirt! I was chatting to our guy about it - he was laughing about it. He used to have ducks too, but doesn't miss the alpacas as it seemed he never had time to relax - tree work and then home in the fields.

Last year trying to plant butternut squashes ended up with holes all over the place to try and get them to go somewhere else. In the end we used the eglu run as a protective frame over - hubby lifted one side up while I dived in and planted underneath. :roll:

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